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Broncos going after McDaniels for coach

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    Just listened to the video, the guy didn’t even come close to connecting McNuggets to the Broncos.

    He talked about Flores and didn’t mention McNuggets until after first talking about someone else. And never mentioned the Broncos having interest in McNuggets.
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      If someone made a logical case that McD could bring us back to being contenders I would be open to him coming back....

      With that said I do not think what he did here as HC has been forgotten by the people working in the front office. I seriously doubt if he is on anyone's list for the Broncos

      The cheating, coaches on his own staff turning him in, multiple reports of people not being able to work with him and a 59-14 loss to the Raiders at home.

      Anything can be forgiven if we are winning but that is a lot for the people inside the Broncos to get over in a short period of time
      Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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        This seems like cruel and unusual punishment, not even sure this would be an acceptable April fools joke


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          I think this thread should be locked, since the OP based it on a misinterpretation, and it has no factual basis.