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    Originally posted by CanDB View Post
    As long as Mahomes does not get that tag, I envy KC fans. Nothing better than having a young, franchise QB (already All Pro!). So exciting to watch, and with so many years ahead. And for the organization....nothing like looking for FAs and draft picks, and not having to look too much for QBs.
    Originally posted by dgobronco View Post
    I sense a bit of envy...
    Think I said that.....


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      yeah, hit send too quickly! I share the envy - it's exciting to watch a young player elevate his team and know that your team always has a chance. Case doesn't exactly inspire the same sense of hope!


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        Originally posted by BroncoFanDK View Post
        First off we have 10 mill on Keenum even if he does not play here, so there is no real financial argument.

        While I believe that the job of the QB is to win and TB did well on that account in 2016, but in every measurable category Keenum did better in 2017. Higher win percentage, success in the playoffs, completed more passes, higher scoring percentage, fewer turnovers......

        Obviously the Vikings teams were really good, but there is no indication that the ceiling of Bridgewater is higher than Keenum. Case has some traits where Joe Flacco can stretch the field a whole lot more, but there is little that seem enticing about Teddy Bridgewater, that I see indicate future success.

        The interesting question is really what made Keenum so successful in 2017 and why was he sub par in 2018. It is not his skills that have diminished and until we can get someone with both mentality and skills to be better, we have to figure out how to win our division with the likes of Keenum.
        Genuine question:
        Is it not only $10m guaranteed going up to $18m?
        I’m only asking because I thought it was.