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Would you trade Super Bowl 50 victory for winning seasons in '16, '17 and '18?

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    Originally posted by AZBobalu View Post
    They're just opinions, probably out of frustration that we all shared at times. Hopefully everyone gets back on the right track now.
    Yeah, I do think that is the case, with SOME. I do remember Elway had his haters among even Bronco fans in the 80s, when he was known as the QB who kept losing all the Superbowls. Even in the 90s, when he WAS winning games at a record pace, and winning two in a row, he had the in name only fans who just could NEVER lower themselves , or humble themselves, to even admit he was one of the greatest!

    Same ol same ol now in the 2010s, the Broncos won only because of Manning, Elway did nothing, and now three down years, he DEFINATLY has to go!!

    Well, just be carefull for what you wish for, ya know?
    sigpicoh YEAH?