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Gary Kubiak will NOT be the offense coordinator...

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  • Originally posted by samparnell View Post
    I feel capable of expressing myself without you putting words in my mouth.
    You sure? I don't know how articulate you are, you might need some assistance


    • It's one thing to give a coach players that he can win with and another thing to keep giving the coaches the same product over and over again for 3 years and it not work with two different coaches.


      • Originally posted by Chop_Block View Post
        So, you both believe the coaches don't really coach/teach? The GM gives them players and they are instantly a team capable of winning?
        Keep thinking like that and you'll have Vance Joseph as your head coach forever, because, in your mind, it doesn't matter who coaches those players you bring in.
        Sorry, I don't agree.
        Your word was "build", and for most people that means assembling the pieces which is what GMs do.

        The GM, coaches, and players all share some responsibility for success (or lack thereof) but it isn't always an even split in the cases of standout talent. A really great coach may be able to take some scrubs and turn them into something special, ala Bill Parcells fixing up perennially bad teams and making them competitive again like the P*ts and the Jets, or a player like (pre-decline) Peyton Manning whose abundant abilities and skills could account for more than half of a season's wins. Such men deserve the lionshare of credit for victory.
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