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    Originally posted by Chop_Block View Post
    So, now, Kubiak "invented" the stretch - bootleg? Shannahan didn't invent it either, but he had waaaayyyy more to do with it and it's execution than the backup QB.
    Sorry if I'm overreacting but the Kubiak stuff has really gotten to me,
    I haven't found any reference to zone blocking before Vince Lombardi. He called it zone, area or do-dad blocking interchangeably. Lombardi may have invented it.

    Bill Yeoman used zone blocking in his triple option Veer Offense. Option offenses use zone blocking with an unblocked read defender.

    Boot is a common play found in Wing-T, Power and Option I, Veer, Wishbone and T offenses.

    Mike Shanahan incorporated Alex Gibbs' Zone Series rushing attack into his offense. It's either five plays or one play with five possible results: inside zone; outside zone; stretch; stretch cutback; and, Boot.

    Cutback is the zone equivalent of Counter which is a feared play in angle blocked rushing attacks like "Tubby" Raymond's Wing-T and Joe Gibbs' Counter Series derived from Tom Osborne's Counter Dive Series.
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