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How Does a Broncos Loss/Win Affect Your Life?

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    It doesn't affect me at all but I've been a Broncos fan for 40 years...

    Have watched as many games as possible even though I haven't lived there in 30yrs. When I was in the military overseas, I would go to the base library daily to read the Rocky Mountain News to read about them, it was always a week old by the time it got there... I've watched every Super Bowl they've been in.

    I sometimes go to a local bar to watch them and I see other fans that do let losses affect them though... So, it's not just you...
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      A win makes me happy.

      A loss disappoints for a day, far less than it used to.
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        The only good thing about Super Bowl XLVIII, it helped me forget about Super Bowl XXIV.
        The 49ers Super Bowl and the Redskins Super Bowl kind of bothered me for a while, maybe they still do just a little bit? But with the Seahawks destroying us, with our number one offense, and Peyton Manning, and actually thinking that we could beat them, and being the favorite, I'm not sure I'm completely over that just yet? Even though Super Bowl 50 was nice, SB XLVIII still kind of bothers me.

        (One of my strong qualities is, That I get over things real easy.)