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Von Miller and Bradley chubb

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    Originally posted by Kyousukeneko View Post
    Defense wins championships. i think if you go look back at last few super bowls even the best defense won the game. i am still a firm believer that Defense wins championships and offense puts people in the seats.
    LA had Suh and Donald.. couldn’t stop Brady.. you need talent in the secondary and a front four good enough to keep run game in check.. Fancy pass rushers can be neutralized through quick passes and lineman matchups..


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      Originally posted by KWHIT97 View Post
      This isn't far off, I believe Von had 14.5 and Chubb 12.5 this year, it is very possible they both reach 15 under Fangio.
      Never know when an anomaly will pop up. 15 each isn't to far from where they were this year. BC had 12.5 and had several games down the stretch at the end where he didn't get any. Maybe with VF's system it could be more possible. In 2013, I believe we had 4 receivers with 10 TDs apiece. I don't think that was a first for the NFL.


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        With the new defensive minds who know how to fix the secondary, whether thru free agency or the draft. I believe the Defense should be a force to deal with.

        That said the other side of the ball needs to improve drastically as we cannot expect the defense to be on the field as often as the last season.