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  • Originally posted by CanDB
    This is a topic I know that you and I were eye to eye on, pretty much as far back as I can recall. There are others too. It really bothered me for a while, and made me question Elway and the brass. And not that a vet QB is the problem for me, it's "who"! Heck, I looked around the league and was a bit envious of the KC's, Baltimore's, Houston's and so on, who have found their long term QBs, and at a very young age. Here we were, going from one mediocre vet to another, and somehow it was rationalized.

    So maybe I was being a bit harsh towards our management, but the routine was starting to get stale. And yes, it was hard to decipher whether or not we had 2 very bad situations - QB and Oline, or a combo thereof. Once Lock took over, it was a bit clearer that QB was the bigger problem, though we need an Oline reinforcement or two this offseason.
    I think something not being given credit very much is Lock's ability to play the offense and make good decisions. It is not easy for a rookie who has been more talented that a lot of the college defenders can handle to play smart yet Lock took a pretty horrible offense and did ok with it. His mobility definitely played a part but there is more to it than that imo

    It will be interesting to see if Lock....and the offense...can continue to get better and do it consistently through an entire season while hitting the peak at the right time.
    When you want to feel negative about the Broncos think of this. Detroit Lions have 1 playoff win in the Super Bowl era in 1992 (1991 season). They are 0-3 in the playoffs since 2000.


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        • The Flacco error i mean era didn't last very long.