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Would you Trade Von and Swap 1s for a franchise QB?

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  • Originally posted by jflee66 View Post
    Wouldn't you need to know in game situations to figure just exactly how Von makes a difference in big games? I don't believe stats alone proves your point. He's knocked down passes, pressured the QBs into quick throws and played good against the run. A lot of in game play doesn't show up in stats.
    Your absolutely right. Not all plays show up on stats. However, we are talking about him being a game changer in the playoffs. Pressures/ run stuffing/ or knocked down passes are not what gets you label as a game changer. Int, sacks at big moments, and sack fumbles are what gives you that name for Von in his position aNd that’s what he got paid for. So I don’t really need to see the other stats for this situation.
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