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BCMB Div 2/3 2019.......Because awesome lives between 1 &4 and it’s name is Spice1

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  • Originally posted by Spice 1 View Post
    Alright, because of the fact that I got the first pick in the draft when I shouldn't have, and because I shoulda got beat (Manhattan barely came up short), there seems to be an obligation for me to play this. Despite the fact that the real Spice is a Raiders fan...and I know you guys don't want to hear Spice Girls:

    I did my due diligence and played it out like I normally would have. I would've expected no less from any of you guys. Let's have a great season next year. Bring it on, boys.
    If one goes back and looks at the draft I think there was opportunities by everyone to overcome the draft picking stuff. I got a really good player with the 2nd to last pick in the 2nd round. EM got Cook with the last pick in the 2nd round. Shoot the best player in fantasy this year....Lamar Jackson....was a post draft free agent pick up.
    Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


    • Originally posted by ManhattanBronco View Post
      First off- Congrats on the win Spice - This one hurt...

      2nd Point of this post - In other keeper leagues I’ve played in, you had to give up the pick in the next year’s draft of the round you picked the player in. Example:

      If you want to keep Christian McCaffrey, you have to give up a first rounder.

      If you drafted Josh Jacobs in the 7th round, you’d give up your 7th rounder next year.

      That takes care of most of the drama in the first round as people will try to draft and keep future value players later in the draft order.

      Does that make sense?
      I am all for looking into stuff like this but we also need to ask the league how much work are we expected to do and how easy/hard does make things like this.

      I do not know if going to yahoo is an option (it was not an option a few years ago) but yahoo makes customizing a lot easier than imo.
      Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


      • Congrats Spice! CP when I get on a pc.
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        • Congrats on the victory spice

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