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    Originally posted by dolphinsneu View Post
    I was watching some old football highlights, and stumbled upon the 2013 Divisional game between the Broncos and the Chargers.

    I remembered this game because I watched it live.

    I think that this game, more than any other, shows how great Peyton Manning was.

    Unlike Tom Brady, Manning's teams would often collapse around him in the playoffs. Additionally, his opponents would play out of the world.

    The Broncos are one year removed from a crushing loss to the Ravens. After that game, I thought to myself, "That could only happen to Peyton Manning. No other quarterback could have a defense that could allow a team to drive 70 yards for a score with no timeouts left in 40 seconds."

    The Broncos seemed to control the game for most of the afternoon. The score was 24-7. I remember thinking, this is not over yet, simply because of the history Peyton Manning's teams have of crashing around him.

    Sure enough, the Chargers scored. Then, the unthinkable happened. The Chargers recovered an anticipated onside kick. The defense then gives up a field goal to cut the deficit to 24-17.

    Then, the Broncos are facing 3rd and 17. Everything is crashing around them. Manning takes the snap and is pressured, he throws absolutely perfect pass to the receiver converting the first down. The Broncos run the clock out and win.

    The mark of a great quarterback is that he can elevate his team when they are crashing down around him. Manning did just that.

    If the Broncos had won the Super Bowl that year, that play would probably be known as "3rd and 17".
    Who was the receiver? Sorry I don’t remember.


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      Originally posted by Sam_Z View Post
      Who was the receiver? Sorry I don’t remember.
      TE ... Julius Thomas. They actually converted 2 more first downs, another pas to Julius and Moreno on a 3rd and 1 ran for a first with less than 2 minutes, then they ran the clock out.


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        The previous day the Patriots had beaten the Colts, on the strength of one of the best running performances in NFL history by Legarrette Blount. This is an example of how Brady's teammates elevated in the playoffs, while Manning's teams often collapsed around him.