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  • Very cool, I received a mini Broncos helmet in the mail last week. It has a signature on it, I am pretty sure is says John Elway. I can't imagine it being a real signed one, they go for like $400+, but it is still cool and a nice prize! Thank you Broncos!!! It looks great in my home office!

    Originally posted by haciendadad View Post
    Well, I must say I feel a little embarrassed that is has taken me so long to learn about this. I need to pay equal time for my Broncos information. :-)

    A prize? well, that sounds great!! If I have any choice in the matter, tickets to the Broncos playing in Atlanta would awesome! I live just outside downtown Atlanta, and work right next to the stadium and would love to see the Broncos play next season in person! I don't expect anything that big, but hey, it cost me nothing to ask. :-) Thanks to all involved!!
    My new favorite Bronco - KJ Hamler Guy plays inspiring football!.