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A Brown possibly suspended for MNF against US- now released

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  • Originally posted by dizzolve View Post
    Gotta say the thought crossed my mind as well. So quickly resolved once released.......

    Watch bringing in AB somehow ruins Josh Gordon's rehabilitation. Actually be kinda cool if it motivates him to keep it between the lines but ........ so risky
    Wait until tomorrow when AB releases the recording of the Pats recruiting him before the release from the Raiders. Oh the irony if that were to happen!

    So back to Monday. Broncos need to stay focused and dominate the Raiders. Better matchups for our D, Broncos O has to prove they can score a TD in a game.

    Predicting a Broncos double digit win to add to a bitter week for Raider Nation.


    • The Patriots are the team that might be able to contain his nonsense for a year.

      I find it hard to believe Brown found out about his release on Twitter, unless he was refusing to answer his phone.
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      • Such a weird outcome of all this. Almost like Brown wanted out?

        Anyway, case closed. We can move this discussion over to NFL and other teams here "AB signs with NE"