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    This seems to be a quite interesting analysis, and if our defense shows up, and the ST do not sell out, we should have great chances of winning this game. My concern is that our vaulted defense did not seem to show up in game 1.


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      We're not telling you.
      But be afraid, very afraid.

      I heard we're like 22-1 at home in September. You may as well start booing now.


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        Your initial impression of the team is pretty correct, however our defense looked anything but impressive to start the season. Our "impressive" pass rush was MIA, registering not even a single hit on Derek Carr.

        The bears are coming off of a 12 win season that saw them ranked top 10 in both offense and defense as well as a disappointing 1st game where their defense still looked great against a good team. We are coming off of a 6 win season and a disappointing 1st game where our offense and our defense both looked bad against a bad team. People are calling this our reboud game, but I think it stacks more in Chicago's favor. We will see, but I am not optimistic about this one.

        Chicago wins, 24 - 14
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          Originally posted by BearsFan2019 View Post
          As the title states, I'm a Bears fan.

          I'd like to know what the Bears should be worried about this coming Sunday in Denver, as well as where the Bears *should* be able to take advantage.

          From what most Bears fans have been discussing on our own message board, our general idea of the Broncos is a team with a strong run-game, great pass-rush, and a struggling quarterback in Flacco. The consensus among Bears fans seems to be that playing in Denver is certainly not a walk in the park for any visiting teams, and Sunday should be no different.

          Feel free to ask me anything about this Bears team; I'd be happy to dive into the details about our strengths/weaknesses, and how I think Sunday's game will turn out.
          In my opinion, the Bears have this game. All day long. Mack vs Wilkinson, Floyd vs Bolles. Not even a debate. Our defensive side is struggling in the interior, and on the outside.
          Superbowl 50 Champions!


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            Originally posted by TheAsianPA View Post
            In my opinion, the Bears have this game. All day long. Mack vs Wilkinson, Floyd vs Bolles. Not even a debate. Our defensive side is struggling in the interior, and on the outside.
            I believe our defense to be struggling for two reasons.

            1. The interior pressure is not not being generated. I do have a bit of a theory there. With our thin air I know it is much harder for the real big guys to play the full game so as a result we typically have smaller interior guys than most. Smaller guys in "normal conditions" will struggle. In our thin air they'll do well.

            2. Backend DBs. We seem to have 2 DBs who are good in Jackson and CHJ. That's it. Simmons IMO has too many bad plays and bites too hard on PAP plays. Parks has shown that he is better but overall still not good enough. Our other CBs are either just not developed enough to hold coverage for longer than 2 seconds or they get hurt.

            When you go back and watch the Raiders game our outside rush and even some of our DEs like Gotsis got to the back field...1 or two steps too late. If the backend was better then have sacked Carr a bunch


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              For me it's all about turnovers and penalities. Make Trubisky beat us don't give them a short field.

              I expect this game to be ugly. I want to say 13-10 Broncos but I think the score will be reversed.


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                For me, I see Chicago following Oakland's game plan. And they will attempt to run the ball right up the middle, "bullying" our defensive line, and setting up their passing game. Oakland's offensive line OWNED the Broncos defensive line. And if Denver's defense can't stop it, the Broncos will lose.


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                  Can we have Eddie Jackson? Pretty please


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                    My ex is a bears friend. Welcome and good luck.