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  • Originally posted by arapaho View Post

    why would Elway have to consider trading our best players?...are we guaranteed great all pro rookies? no

    when this team is losing we are not losing by much, yes this isn't horsehoes

    but in reality we should have beet the bears and the jags, we got beat by the pack by 11 points after giving Rodgers to possessions on our side b2b...di d you see the pack dismantle the cowboys?

    in 2017 we lost games 23-10, 21-0, 51 -23, 41-16, 35-9, 27-11 we aint getting beat down...we close
    The fact that Elway already considered it as well as a rebuild means that it was a realistic option. You're playing fantasy scenarios - we are 1-4. One winning game doesn't change that outcome. Von Miller's highest value would likely be now and not next season.

    Since I'm not interested in getting baited into another argument with you I'll leave it at that
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