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  • Kittle rookie season:
    43 rec - 515 yd - 2 TDs


    • As it turns out, Noah CAN play


      • Originally posted by lvbronx View Post
        Because many people make the wrong comparisons and compare Fant to experienced TEs. The comparisons should be to other rookie TE seasons. As stated before, TE is the hardest position for rookies to learn. They are in both the receivers room and the OL room, two totally different skill sets, and their heads are swimming and "softness" may be more a case of indecision than being "soft".

        Shannon Sharpe barely played as a rookie. Another Hall of Fame TE (and there aren't many of them) Tony Gonzales really struggled his first two years.

        Everything is relative, and in relation to other rookie TEs Fant is doing well. If he gets better or not, we don't know. But any judgement about his performance should be judged fairly.
        Good point. Wonder how many rooms fellow rookie Andrew Beck needs to be in?
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        • Originally posted by BayArea Bronco View Post
          Can someone post the play of Fants touchdown against the Browns for the people that claim Fant is soft.
          It was a good run, a strong run, no doubt. But I could put on 30 examples of Fant struggling to block in the run game which makes him look very "soft". Again though, not saying he is soft in every aspect, but aggressive jump balls are not his strong suit, nor is physical run blocking. That is fine, but doesn't mean I am saying he sucks, his game is just built differently, and he, like every single player and person in the world has other strengths which are very positive. For Fant, that is picking up yards after the catch, and making people great plays in the open field.


          • Originally posted by samparnell View Post
            Good point. Wonder how many rooms fellow rookie Andrew Beck needs to be in?
            Yeah...Beck must be really busy.


            • Originally posted by brianmcfarlane View Post
              Fant is on pace to have slightly better stats than Kittle (5th round pick) had in his rookie season - 44 receptions vs 43 and 544yds vs 515yds receiving, 3tds vs 2tds... although Kittle did quite a bit better running the ball in his rookie season even though he did not run the ball. Fant has 3 runs for -12yds so far this season.

              So far this season for rookies, Fant's stats - receptions and yards - are better than all 1st round rookies full seasons since 2013 except for Evan Engram and David Njoku but Fant's projected stats would be better than Njoku too (Fant needs just 3 catches and 9yds to have a better season than Njoku) ... The only 1st round TE that had a better rookie season in stats is Evan Engram. There are more taken after the 1st round that maybe had a better rookie year (Hunter Henry, Gronk).
              Now Fant's blocking is not very good at this time but I don't think the Broncos drafted him for his blocking ability. I have seen Hockenson play some, not much, and his blocking hasn't been much better and he WAS supposed to be the complete TE, his stats are similar to Fant's but Fant does have the edge over the top 10 pick in the 2019 draft (8th).
              Originally posted by lvbronx View Post
              Kittle rookie season:
              43 rec - 515 yd - 2 TDs
              Yes, he is on pace to have a better rookie season than Kittle... and almost ALL rookies in the last 6-7 years.


              • Hes not soft.


                • The big thing to remember is that Fant has had Flacco and Allen throwing to him. Not Matt Stafford or Meatball or Eli. That is a huge hurdle to overcome. The guy still needs to improve quite a bit but he has not shown any reason to doubt he will. He can be a game changer for us. he is already becoming one.
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                  • Here's an interesting discussion on the Fant pick as we look back NOW rather than in the preseason for instance. And how Fant contrasts with the Devin Bush comparison.

                    It's pro-Noah

                    Some of the stats cited are starting to sound impressive.

                    The comparison is silly when you say 'would you rather have Devin Bush or would you rather have Noah Fant AND Drew Lock'?

                    There's also a lot of enlightening salary cap points (so long as they know what they're talking about). They claim that Joe Flacco's contract restructure actually give Denver MORE reason to let him go next season than have to hang on to him. I had only heard otherwise before this vid. But I don't get deep into the cap stuff. Is it true
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