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    As stated above - Simmons is ONE pick that Elway hit on.

    He needs to sign him to a long term deal asap. I could see this totally going the other way though.... Talks broke down before the season (Elway maybe cheaping out?) and now with Simmons playing at a stud / pro bowl level, I could totally see another team offering him a huge contract during his free agency next March...


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      Odd how everyone thinks it is just Elway responsible for when the contract talks happen. Every year the cap increases. Every year players become higher paid than previous years.

      Pretty sure Simmons' agent is telling him to wait until season end unless we prepared to make a offer to Summons that is min average of the top 5 at his position.
      Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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        Originally posted by Sam_Z View Post
        Between callahan and Jackson they’ll count almost 19 million against the cap in 2020, Harris will command at least 16mil while Simmons will command 14mil.
        That is 30mil plus another 19mill which is basically 50mil towards the secondary! Yeah dude it’s not happening.

        Callahan $8,333,333
        Jackson $11,000,000
        Actually Harris' and Simmons' cap hit for the 2020 season potentially (in the scenario I gave) would be ~17M but Jackson's cap hit is going up to 14M. The total cap # for the secondary would be ~39.3M which would put the Broncos as the 4th highest spending on the secondary using 2019 cap# on team spending. Even the highest paid S - Byard - has a cap hit in the first year of his contract at just above 4M, 2nd year is 10.9M cap#... he is getting 31M GTD though. Adrian Amos' deal last year was for 9M average per year, he is similar in age/exp and stats as Simmons; his cap hit is 5.9M.
        BTW, in my post I stated that IF THE Broncos WANT to they can AFFORD it, I would like to see them re-sign Harris - if Harris wants to be a Bronco still - but not sure they will, I am not saying that they WILL do this, IDK what their plan is. I believe that they will extend Simmons, probably have to wait and see what his value is come the end of the season though.


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          Originally posted by PunchDrunk View Post
          Keeping Simmons is a no brainer. I would also keep Parks. He is a solid player as well.
          We're talking about the Denver FO here......