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Broncos @ Cheifs week.

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    Originally posted by Butler By'Note View Post
    I would rather the Pats win another 5 Super Bowls than have KC, LV or LA even make it to one. I want the win, and I want KC to suffer because of it. Not that it matters, Reid will never beat Belichick (or any well prepared coach) in the playoffs.
    Yes! Absolutely agree! I never want to see KC get better playoff seeding by beating us. And I would end my fandom the day I root for it to happen. I hope we brutulize the Chiefs so bad they lose all their mojo going into the playoffs and end up 1 and done. If that means the Pats win another SB, so be it. The Pats aren't our rival, the Chiefs are.
    Eternal Broncos Optimist


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      Originally posted by Megalodon30 View Post
      Yes! Absolutely agree! I never want to see KC get better playoff seeding by beating us. And I would end my fandom the day I root for it to happen. I hope we brutulize the Chiefs so bad they lose all their mojo going into the playoffs and end up 1 and done. If that means the Pats win another SB, so be it. The Pats aren't our rival, the Chiefs are.
      Here, here!


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        I dont know about anyone else but I'm tired of losing to the chiefs lol. 8 straight is enough and beating them with Lock would feel great as it would do big things for Lock and the team to know the future is indeed good. If we get steamrolled well maybe next year but really tired of losing to these guys.

        Hope Lock can end that trend.


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          Originally posted by Papa-pwn View Post
          Yeah, I'm not really digging where he draws the line between luck and great passes, but how Lock plays going forward will determine that. JT was a very physically limited NFL QB, maybe he is looking at things from those lenses a bit too much.
          Listening to Sirius driving home last night, all they could talk about was how awful the Texans defense was. Apparently the Broncos "lucked" into a win with absolutely no effort on their part...

          Only a week earlier though, those Texans seemed just fine.

          Curb Stomp the Chefs!


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            Originally posted by Fantaztic7 View Post
            I understood what he was trying to point out. At the same time how many completions every Sunday across the league could be in the same category? Quarterbacks throw into tight windows and DBs try to make plays on the ball. I think the Chiefs will run stunts and bring extra rushers to see if they can make Lock uncomfortable. Scangarello needs to scheme to take advantage of those situations - run some draws and RPOs. Lock isn’t as fast or shifty as Lamar Jackson but he’s mobile enough to make a defense pay for being too aggressive.
            I think the issue was more about awareness than throwing into a tight window. There were a few plays where Lock didn't seem to notice the coverage, expecting a CB to stay in the flat and pass of a receiver to a safety, for example, but the CB stayed on his receiver. His first pass of the game was nearly a pick-six. I need to find the NextGen animated graphic that shows this.

            A more experienced Lock shouldn't be forcing passes into tight holes unnecessarily or not setting his feet. We've all seen he has the arm to do it. This is why playing him now is so important. Give him some game time to make mistakes here at the end of the season and let him learn and grow going into next season.


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              It's going to be tough, but if the Broncos can put up 30+ points on them, I would consider it a win either way. Time for our run game to open up the passing.


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                Remember this?


                Just a little something to think about in the event that we do find a way to beat these guys.


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                  Only thing I'm looking for this week is for Lock to keep us in the game. Can he play a clean game and score when we need to. This may very well be a game that forces him to press a little so can he make accurate throws and bring us back if we are down.

                  I'm not looking for a win I'd like one as I said earlier in the thread as losing 8 straight times to the chiefs is sickening but as I think on it...this is a new broncos team and Lock's first crack at this team. Who knows maybe the moment won't be to big for him. Maybe he will give them fits as that's his hometown maybe he will have some good support there.

                  A homecoming for him, surely he will want to do well. It's hard to predict this one. I think most of us just want to be in the game. Anyone wanting a sure fire win may be putting too much on Lock. I say we enjoy it and not overreact to the outcome good or bad yes? If Lock has his first bad game so be it even Elway struggled in Arrowhead. It'll be interesting to see how he would respond to a bad game.

                  If the kid wins and plays well in the win then as the coach said on remember the titans "We got ourselves a football player!" And as I'll say "I got myself a football jersey to buy" LOL

                  That'll make a Sutton and Lock Jersey on my list...oh the wallet but money well worth it.


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                    Originally posted by Bates View Post
                    For the good of the league I don't want us to win. We have nothing to gain but some meh bragging rights for splitting with KC this season.

                    However, a win puts them at 10-4. Let us assume the Pats* go to 11-3 this week.

                    Next week however, with a KC win over chicago and NE* loss over the Bills, KC leaps over NE* for the 2nd seed.

                    Also, as long as Buffalo wins out they will be tied with NE* record wise, and up until the final week of games, they will have the same divisional record, and same conference record. So they could see possibly 5th seed, and no bye in God knows how long.

                    I would rather KC win so that makes it 2 teams that right on the tails of NE* to knock them out of the 2nd seed.

                    A Denver win on Sunday isn't the end of the world, as Buffalo could still get the job done by winning the last 3 games, but with NE* at home against Miami in the final week, I am not even sure what the tie breaker would come down to wit the same divisional and conference records (there are a million rules for these tie breakers), but I'll assume NE* would have the Bills beat.

                    Also fun fact, if we had won the Chicago, Jax, and Vikings game, it looks like we would be the 6th seed in the AFC. Kind of makes you sad doesn't it?
                    I can't even boo hard enough at this but I'll try....



                    In a more responsible reply... We have everything to gain in this win. The momentum, confidence and fan support we would have going into the off season would be huge.

                    Not to mention Denver needs to again become an attractive destination to FA players chasing a RING.
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                      I've eaten a lot of crow over the last two weeks. I've said awful things about some of these players that have actually performed beyond expectation. If they can carry that to Kansas City and pull off the upset then that would be a great Christmas gift.


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                        Beating the chiefs in arrowhead is always a tuff thing

                        With a rookie Qb even harder

                        With the loss of our starting RG, and the slew of injured players either sitting out or playing no where near 100% like Von, AJ, reed, no walker, no gotsis its even a bigger hill to climb

                        Here’s to giving it a good go
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                          I felt good about the first meeting in Denver after a bye week against an injured KC team. Instead, we laid a big ol' egg, on national television, against a QB who wasn't even in the league last year. Now, we're playing IN KC, in December which has never been kind to Denver. Yea, not expecting much by my Broncos.


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                            Not that there is much debate at this point that Lock is the Starting QB going forward but he can solidify his position today. He doesn't even have to win, If he can make this game close and match score for score and be within a winning chance in the 4th he'll be given the keys to the franchise!! Go Lock!!! Get it done brother!!!


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                              I expect this to be a better game than the previous on Thursday Night Football. The defense has several injured players but the young guys are playing good football. I think Lock might come back to earth after last Sunday. If he doesn’t force too many errors I think we have a chance. The Chefs will probably bring a lot of pressure which should open some one on one opportunities. We’ll need a couple of turnovers to win.


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                                I’m absolutely thrilled to be excited about football again.

                                I’m not going to be overly critical about this game. For me, it’s more about watching our players develop. We certainly have some intriguing young players, so I’m just looking for positive improvements.

                                Win or lose I’m simply hoping for a good game. For the first time in a long time, I actually think they have a chance to pull out a tough win.