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Broncos Wearing Color Rush Uni's & D Logo Helmet vs The Lions

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  • Broncos Wearing Color Rush Uni's & D Logo Helmet vs The Lions

    Color Rush is back!

    Denver is going back to their roots and will be rocking the classic D logo on their helmets when they take on the Detroit Lions on Sunday at Empower Field at Mile High.

    The Broncos (5-9) enter the game against he Lions (3-10-1) struggling after getting crushed by the AFC West division leading Kansas City Chiefs in Week 15.

    As Denver looks to rebound one thing is certain: they will look dapper in their Color Rush uniforms come Sunday.

    The Broncos announced the update on twitter Tuesday night.

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    Sweet! I love it and I love my Broncos!


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      I absolutely love the dark blue "D" logo!!! I wish they would make that a permanent change and use the Cyber horse on occasion


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        Oh goodie the Broncos Onesies.

        This is annoying.


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          Nice helmets, but otherwise a high school look. Not my cup of tea. I think it might ultimately be Oregon's fault.
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            Helmets yes, orange jammies, no.

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              I know I’m in the minority, but I love it.
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                I like the helmets, but I don't like the creamsicle uniforms.


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                  Wish they wore white pants and orange stripe with blue trim.

                  Orange on orange looks terrible.

                  Best helmets we have though.
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                    I think it would look better in all blue.
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                      The 75th anniversary uniform should be the alternate uniform of choice IMHO.


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                        Originally posted by L.M. View Post
                        Helmets yes, orange jammies, no.
                        Originally posted by Capt. Jack View Post
                        I like the helmets, but I don't like the creamsicle uniforms.
                        What they said. The uniforms are just way too much, imo.

                        Love the helmets though! I wouldn't mind seeing the old school "D" helmet used more frequently, as long as it doesn't become our primary ones, that is. Our current logo is fire, absolutely love it and wouldn't want to see it go away.
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                          I love the D helmets and wish we'd never changed...though I understand it was necessary for us to put our 0-4 SB past behind us and finally win that 1st one vs GB

                          As for the color rush uni's?
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                            Good color for the upcoming highlights on this to be smack down. I kinda feel bad for the Lions... They're a losing team with nothing to play for going up against a losing team with everything to play for.

                            Detroit is going to run into a buzz saw...

                            Denver 38-17.

                            Lindsey puts up 120 all purpose yards


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                              I wish we would wear the traditional D helmet and uniforms in our last game against the OAKLAND Raiders. Sports are more fun with rivals and it would have been a nice tribute to AFC West history.