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Broncos Country 'Pick Em Challenge -- Divisional Round

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    Man it’s been a tough post season. I’ve done horribly on point totals. If Seattle doesn’t pull this upset I’m 1 and done.


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      Well folks, here we are. Who will be the final 4 remaining to battle for the BCPEC Championship. This week was easy to do. No tiebreakers were needed at all. If you got every game right, guess what. You're moving on. And who did that you ask? Well, none other then broncosgal24 who nailed every pick this week. We also learned this week, that someone will be a FIRST TIME CHAMPION. Which sadly means we have to bid farewell to DenverBlood and BroncoFanBoy. Thank you to both of you for playing along this season. So who were the other 3 that made it in? Coincidentally, If you got 3 picks right, guess what. You are moving on. Moving on with 3 correct(and all 3 missing the BAL/TEN game) are: Hoove, Tony and FL BRONCO. Congratulations to everyone!!! And thank you for playing this year as well, Canmore and BroncosFanInPA.

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