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The Drive = 33 Years today.

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  • The Drive = 33 Years today.

    Where's my life gone ?

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    I was enjoying the game, drinking shots of Bacardi Rum! (In a Broncos Shot Glass)


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      Dang capt lol , I was 11 yrs old drinking jack n coke .....hold the jack haha. That was one heck of a game . My family was going nuts .


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        That's the day I became a Broncos fan. I sat down to watch the game with my dad, he was a Browns fan. He joked that I should cheer for the Broncos with the loser having to cheer for the Buccaneers for a year afterwards. The day obviously became the stuff of legends!


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          Originally posted by orange crush75 View Post
          Dang capt lol , I was 11 yrs old drinking jack n coke .....hold the jack haha. That was one heck of a game . My family was going nuts .
          I got pretty smashed, I was thrilled with #7 !!!


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            We were snowmobiling that weekend in the Grand Lake area and were heading home that Sunday. We were staying in a motel in Grand Lake and talked management into letting us stay beyond our checkout time to watch the game. SURE GLAD WE DID! What a finish! Thoroughly enjoyed our ride home to Southern Colorado.


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              Wow! 33 years??? The day Elway went from promising kid with a rocket arm to legend! I watched the game alone with a huge Togo's hot pastrami and a couple Pepsi's - which was my ritual good luck lunch for Bronco playoff games all the way through Elway's career. One of the things I've always remembered was in the pregame show. A reporter did a quick interview with Rulon Jones in the tunnel. He said it was unacceptable to the city of Denver for the Broncos to lose. Sounded good to me!

              I'll never forget my heart sinking when Brian Brennan beat Dennis "Gumby" Smith for that late Q4 TD. Then it sank even further when we muffed the kickoff return to begin at our own 2. 1st and 98 heading into the dawg pound. Then we began the drive...I was hoping beyond hope but didn't think we had a chance. But then I started believing we could score when Elway threw that 20+ yard completion to Steve Sewell to put us at the 50. Then I thought we had the Browns back on their heels and the rest was inevitable.

              The other thing I remember is in OT when Karlis kicked the game winner...I was sure it sailed wide and he missed! Wow, what a day!

              For those interested I just found "The Drive" on youtube at:

              "There is no plan B. Plan A is to win the Super Bowl" - John Elway
              PLAN A ACCOMPLISHED 2/7/16!!!
              LSU 15-0 2019 BCS Champions...Geaux Tigers :dance:


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                Also the day I became a Broncos fan (10 years old at the time, mostly a Cowboys fan until then). No doubt in my mind “The Drive” is right up there with the ‘58 NFL Championship (BAL-NYG), the “Ice Bowl”, Super Bowl III, and maybe a couple of the other close SBs in recent years as the greatest/most important games ever...