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Pro Football Hall of Fame disgrace

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    Originally posted by Shiz View Post
    I was born 1980, only heard of Gradishars game and accomplishments through those older than me. I am honest when I say I have not seen a replay, recap, of his plays...although I haven’t searched them out if they are available. Please post if you have them.

    I do know, when I hear of those that watched him play, he is the epitome of what you want as an LB. Troy Renck has been a very vocal advocate for him and the emotion I hear from his voice and the facts he lays out about Randy’s playing career makes me upset that he has been overlooked. I heard Randy speak yesterday on the Fan and it broke my heart but also showed me how much of a great soul this guy is.

    I love our Broncos and I love hearing the emotion all Have for Randy. We are an incredible group. His time is coming, so is Atwater’s. Blue and Orange are the best colors in the league and let’s all raise a glass as we are so fortunate for such a great organization! Take a breath a Mile High and who cares what others think!

    We are Broncos Country!


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          Originally posted by broncos SB2010 View Post
          That was cool. What was the story of him changing numbers from 52 to 53?
          "There is no plan B. Plan A is to win the Super Bowl" - John Elway
          PLAN A ACCOMPLISHED 2/7/16!!!
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            Originally posted by Rich_C View Post
            I really don't know why so many are so shocked by this?

            The HOF and the voters are largely made up of media members and former players. We have seen lesser players get in on what seemingly is the age old "I look after you you look after me". What is the most egregious thing for me is that the board in Canton is seemingly OK with this. I can understand why we are here based on who's voting but i cannot understand how the board of directors there is OK with this.

            CANTON for me is about 90 percent correct. The other 10 percent...makes me angry.
            I am not shocked. But I am mad because the centennial class had 10 senior slots open. It seemed like this was the HOF’s best chance to get it right. And why do I care? Because the HOF is immortality. It is supposed to be for those who deserve it. And yet year after year the Selection Committee favors legacy franchises over more deserving players.

            The corruption of the Selection Committee is shameful.