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    Golden is beautiful. Hike at Lookout Mountain or North Table Mountain.

    Kachina is an awesome mexican/native american fusion spot. Their fry-bread tacos are SO good.

    Union Station area is pretty cool. Worth checking out.

    You've got to hit a concert at Red Rocks. Unique experience.

    There is a free "mall ride" that takes you back and forth on 16th street mall from one side of downtown to the other. I'll warn you though, the homeless and vagabonds can be really overwhelming. So, mentally prepare yourself... they've overrun downtown (especially on the mall).


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      Yorkshire fish n chips on pecks just off 36. Best fish n chips I’ve had not including coastal cities
      GO BRONCOS AFC Champs!!!


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        Originally posted by KWHIT97 View Post
        Hello, mods if this is the wrong spot feel free to move.

        I’m in Ohio and for years have wanted to come to Denver for a vacation. Ideally I would like to come in September with the ideal plan being to take in a Broncos game, take in a Rockies game, and take in a concert at Red Rocks. Depending on the schedule I thought it would be cool to also take in a Broncos game in KC while we’re out West, but not important.

        My questions are;

        1. What is the best place to stay downtown? Not looking to spend a fortune but still want nice accommodations.

        2. While in Denver, what are some other “must dos” ?

        3. How far of a drive is Red Rocks from downtown Denver?

        Any insight is much appreciated. Been trying to sell this to my wife for awhile now. Anything you want to add is welcome to. Thanks all!
        Red Rocks is a must but I highly recommend that you check out LoDo (Lower Downtown) also, which I personally consider the heart and soul of downtown Denver. It's completely changed over the last 30 years. In fact, the entire downtown area has seen tremendous growth since the gloomy DURA days back in the 60s and 70s where 30 blocks were razed to make way for new buildings. Few cities in the entire country were hit as hard as Denver and left a sea of surface parking lots for decades with crime spiralling out of control. It's unbelievable the transformation Denver has undergone to become the city it is today.

        Unfortunately, Rockies' new McGregor Square will still be wrapping up work by the time you arrive but it's going to be a fantastic full-block urban environment for everyone once it opens in early 2021. Market Station is another full-block project currently underway that will transform the street experience along the 16th and offer an urban escape within itself – much like Dairy Block.

        Be sure to check out Union Station, the newest neighborhood in downtown Denver. I suggest that you set off on foot at the old and historic Union Station itself, now an urban hub with a hotel (Crawford Hotel), restaurants, bars and more. It's pretty much the poster child of renovation and modernization done right, and has been featured in several magazines. After that, head through the terminal and check out the station canopies on the other side. Like its airport sibling, it features a very unique design. Walk out onto Wewatta St. and everything you see here has been built in 10 years or less. That's right, nothing but dusty, empty lots back then.

        When you've taken in the sights, walk a couple of blocks to get back onto 16th and cross Denver Millennium Bridge to get to Confluence Park. Great little city park right at South Platte River.

        After that, I suggest that you check out LoHi (Lower Highlands). Cross South Platte River and walk onto Platte St, another up- and coming spot in Denver that has changed a lot. Continue onto the bridge and cross I-25 and you're now in LoHi. I personally love this part of downtown. It feels a bit like San Francisco to me because it's hilly. While here, why not get an icecream at the famous Little Man, but save some of that appetite because lunch is nearby!

        (photo taken from the El Five restaurant but my recommendation will offer similar views)

        From Little Man, take Boulder St. and follow it a couple of blocks until you get to the 32nd intersection. You should see Avanti, which I've personally been to and highly recommend. Offers a FANTASTIC view of downtown and great food to go with it. Oh and yeah, some of that Colorado beer!

        That's it for me but I must stress this. As long as you and your wife both have the ability, walk at all times. Bicycling in Denver is certainly another possibility and the city has a ton of great trails. If you're feeling particularly adventurous and want to check out the frontier of downtown Denver, rent a bike and check out RiNo (River North Arts District) but that's another story for another time.

        Have a great trip!
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