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    Originally posted by Sam_Z View Post

    I’m glad someone was paying attention. Von Miller really seemed to adapt to Fangios style toward the end of the season. Most folks only want to consider his sack numbers/totals but fail to realize how much he meant to this defense as the season went on.

    Von contained the outside pretty damn good for a premier edge rusher. Nothing but class and patience while reading and reacting!

    Now The real question is, how long will Von be ok with this style of play?

    If he remains a Broncos after next season, I think he’ll go on to have a totally different yet productive career still in his latter years.

    As for Chubb, I think he’s a perfect fit for this style!
    I think that the FO is compelled to craft a scheme that takes advantage of the young 'stars' we have now and going forward. As rough as that is, that means not utilizing a scheme that caters to Von Miller's strengths as we have been used to them in the past. It will be a transition worth paying attention to.
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