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    Originally posted by jazzbodog View Post
    Actually some kids like me love both. How about sheep brains or goat liver?
    The Hispanic in me is like, "TACOS!" :thumb:


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      You gotta go with McD... At least if we're talking about todays versions of each coach... He has continued to show the promise he had before he came here and totally screwed up from a personnel standpoint... The dude has proven himself to be a coach capable of producing results when he is in charge of a unit and unless I'm missing something Vance has never done that at the coordinator level...

      How soon can I blow this project up and hire someone I actually want though?
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        McDaniels without a doubt.
        VJ looked totally lost at game speed and simple could not adjust in the game.
        McDaniels was a brilliant young head coach that was given an insane level of responsibility, that no other young HC has ever had before or since.
        Lets not forget that McDaniels foresaw Cutlers fall, that BMarsh was more headache than he was worth, he foresaw that Tebow could help the team in spite of his flaws, aside from 2009 2nd round he did excellent drafting, he lifted the 31st defense to the 10th mostly by making Doom a superstar.
        The 2010 draft was one of the most productive in Broncos history, and he was the one that asked Elway to reengage with the Broncos, and pushed for the orangen jerseys coming back.
        He is a brilliant XO guy and has an eye for football details that is exceptional.
        If you listen to DJ Williams you get that McDaniels might have had enough foresight to see that Tebow's persona and McDs could be a very strong mix, and there was quite a bit to build on.

        I always hated the signing Fox - the only HC with a worse 2010 season than McDaniels. I am very convinced that McDaniels with Elway as babysitter would have produced better football and results than under Fox.
        VJ failed with the core of the team that Kubes had gone 9-7 with, whereas the 2010 Broncos went into the season with Doom out, our top 4 RBs out and Kyle Orton being our leading rusher in game 2.
        VJ was just unable to make any adjustments


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          Originally posted by lvbronx View Post
          I know...I know...but there isn't a lot of other things to talk about now so...

          If you had to choose a head coach for the Broncos for the next 5 seasons to win games (not a 5 year tank) and you could only choose either VJ or Mcd who would you pick? Why?

          "Oh the humanity!" - Herbert Morrison
          at least Joseph was likeable.


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            Even the coaches hated McD. Does not matter how much one knows about football if everyone on the team dislikes them they going to be a horrible leader.

            On the flip side VJ seemed to know nothing about how to get a team ready to play Sunday but people seemed to like him

            Maybe we need to take McD's Brain and combine it with VJ's Personality?
            Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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              McDaniels. Probably the best offensive minded coach in the game right now


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                Y’all love taking shots at VJ as if John gave him anything to work with
                -Bronco in UT

                While I both agree and disagree with many posts in this thread I have to lean towards champ on this one. Jay really needs to learn how to manage the game better, and also to learn that you don't have to go for the big play EVERY time on every drive. There is something to be said to check the ball down and live to fight another day. -Great Post Cut the Excuses out please. sigh...

                Helll of a post


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                    Originally posted by Champ>NFL View Post
                    Y’all love taking shots at VJ as if John gave him anything to work with
                    The roster that VJ had in 2017 that he managed to turn into garbage was totally on par with the 2016 roster that was one win out of the playoffs.
                    The defense under VJ gave up more than twice the passing TDs, and both Paxton Lynch and Brock Osweiler that played well under Kubiak were worthless with VJ coaching.

                    Trevor Siemian's career under Kubes started exactly as Lock's now, which has fans talking about him being the next big thing. There was just nothing positive that happened when VJ was the HC. The longer VJ coached the 2017 team the worse it got.

                    When we are comparing to McD lets not forget that we had a lot of bad luck in 2010
                    THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
                    ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — The busiest man at the Denver Broncos’ training camp so far has been head trainer Steve Antonopulos.

                    In the week since the Broncos started camp, they’ve lost their top two tailbacks, the NFL sacks leader from last season along with his primary backup, and their right guard who was the team’s only returning starter along the battered offensive line.

                    On Saturday night, top draft pick Demaryius Thomas, a wide receiver from Georgia Tech who has made several spectacular plays so far, limped to the locker room with the trainers after injuring his left foot or ankle when he came down awkwardly after catching a touchdown catch from Brady Quinn.

                    Thomas broke his left foot during a pre-draft workout.

                    "So, obviously, yes, that would be a concern because it was the same foot. But we’re hopeful that it won’t be anything serious," coach Josh McDaniels said. "If we miss him for a little while, it would be normal for this team."

                    Indeed, fellow rookie wide receiver Eric Decker, whose senior season at Minnesota was cut short by a torn ligament in his left foot, walked off the field after injuring his left leg in a goal-line drill Saturday night and went inside for medical tests.

                    Decker limped much more gingerly than Thomas.

                    The most devastating of the Broncos’ injuries is the torn chest muscle that Elvis Dumervil suffered Wednesday while blocking Tyler Polumbus in a 1-on-1 drill.

                    Dumervil, who signed a US$58.332 million extension just two weeks ago, is expected to miss up to five months, effectively ending his season and forcing the Broncos to reconsider their 3-4 alignment in favour of the 4-3 so they can take advantage of their depth on the defensive line and make up for their bad luck at linebacker.

                    Dumervil led the league with 17 sacks last season, when Robert Ayers and Jarvis Moss had zero. In just his second practice since replacing Dumervil in the starting lineup, Moss broke his right hand Friday. He’ll need surgery to fix the break and will likely miss two weeks of practice.

                    Right guard Chris Kuper (ankle) and newly acquired tailback LenDale White (apparent leg injury) also got hurt Friday.

                    The Broncos’ misfortunes actually began in the off-season when All-Pro left tackle Ryan Clady injured a knee while playing a pickup basketball game and required surgery. Special teams star Darrell Reid had radical knee surgery this year, too.

                    Midway through the first practice of training camp, tailbacks Knowshon Moreno (hamstring) and Correll Buckhalter (back) went down minutes apart.

                    The trips to the trainer’s room haven’t slowed down since.

                    Not counting Clady and Reid, 13 players, including star linebacker D.J. Williams and Pro Bowl safety Brian Dawkins, have missed time at camp so far for medical reasons and two players — wide receiver Kenny McKinley and safety Josh Barrett — have suffered season-ending injuries.

                    "It happens from time to time," Dawkins said. "You know, obviously, this is my 15th year in the league and I’ve had camps similar to this in Philadelphia. You hate it when it happens and you hope it stops pretty soon and nobody else goes down. Those guys that step in have to just step up and we all collectively have to do a better job."

                    McDaniels can’t put his finger on why the Broncos have been the most snakebit team in the NFL this summer. Last year, they made it through camp healthy and started the season 6-0.

                    "We didn’t change our conditioning program from one year to the next, we didn’t change the way we get ready for practice, we didn’t change our stretching routines or anything like that," McDaniels said. "It’s just sometimes I think those are freak things that happen. I think our job is just to manage them the best we can and handle them and move forward and try to keep getting better."

                    McDaniels took his players out of pads Friday night and cancelled the morning practice Saturday but still ran a full-pads, hard-hitting open workout in the evening at Invesco Field.

                    "Obviously, we’re not going to put players out here that we would risk injuring further and we’ll try to monitor and manage everybody the best we can so that we’re ready to go for September, while still trying to get better out here," McDaniels said.

                    Dumervil’s injury is the most devastating to the Broncos. Not only do they lose his ballyhooed bull-rush and playmaking ability, but his loss means several of his teammates will have to shift around and play in spots they weren’t expecting to.

                    Linebacker Akin Ayodele looked at the bright side: at least Dumervil went down early in camp, "and guys can get reps," he said.

                    The pressure is now on every other defensive player to put pressure on the quarterback.

                    Of the 39 sacks the Broncos racked up last season, 35 of them were recorded by players either hurt or no longer on the team. And of those four remaining sacks, three came on blitzes by defensive backs.

                    The Broncos beefed up their defensive line through free agency and the centrepiece of that rebuilding project was 13-year veteran nose tackle Jamal Williams, who missed most of last season with a triceps injury.

                    He sat out most of the first week of practice, although McDaniels refused to say whether it was for physical or fitness reasons. By the time he finally got on the field, Dumervil was gone and the Broncos’ defensive front seven was a mosh pit of bodies.

                    And their misfortune hasn’t been limited to the playing field.

                    Adding insult to their rash of injuries: the Broncos lost Barrett (shoulder) to the New England Patriots, who claimed him during the 24-hour waiver period before he could go on Denver’s injured reserve list.
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                      I love this time of year, lol!

                      For sake of topic and conversation, even though I absolutely loathe McD, I'd rather him than VJ. VJ's losses were based on pure incompetence. McD's failures were based on his over inflated ego. But that ego would eventually have been cooled by his mentor BB.

                      Interestingly, I think when we beat NE in 2009 in OT, that set his ego on fire. I wonder of we lost that game what would've happened. Would Nolan have stayed and led that defense on a deep playoff run? Would he have traded Kern, who was the best punter in the league at that point? Though I still believe B'Marsh was gone.


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                        Originally posted by rst08tierney View Post
                        McDaniels. Probably the best offensive minded coach in the game right now
                        We will see this year.

                        I was hoping we would see a split between the Pats and Brady.

                        I really enjoyed when Montana left the 49ers as a fan. Montana did not get any hardware in KC but it was pretty clear Montana and the 49er system were both special when they separated.
                        Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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                          Originally posted by Hadez View Post
                          We will see this year.

                          I was hoping we would see a split between the Pats and Brady.

                          I really enjoyed when Montana left the 49ers as a fan. Montana did not get any hardware in KC but it was pretty clear Montana and the 49er system were both special when they separated.
                          he did make Orton look good


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                            Under the requirements of they HAVE to be here all 5 year I would pick McDaniels. VJ Looked lost and like the game had passed him by. I can't remember a single game under him where the Broncos coaching staff clearly had the superior game plan that the other team wasn't ready for. Yes, VJ is better in the locker room but lacking the X's and O's to keep up in the NFL we would be looking at a best season of 6-10 or 7-9.

                            With McD, he is/was a smart coach and I would trust him more to learn how to work and run a locker room than VJ becoming a strategic and tactical genius. What I did like about McD was he did outcoach Belllichek in a game and was truly demonstatively passionate where VJ and Fox always looked lost after the kickoff. Over the long haul I think McD's intelligence and passion would lead the Broncos to some 10-6 or 11-5 type seasons assuming he was no longer acting GM.

                            Just my thoughts.


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                              If you could get McDaniels to focus on nothing but being the head coach, he could probably be halfway decent. But dude has such a huge ego that he'll never believe he's less than the next Belichick. And it's hard to believe he wouldn't try to cheat again.

                              Jospeh was a pushover. He had no control of the locker room. He didn't know how to lead. He was a loser because he doesn't have the proper attitude of a head coach.

                              So do I pick the egotistical cheater or the coach that was so out of place? Either way, I'd probably not be able to watch much football over those 5 seasons. Would be horrible football one way or the other.
                              Eternal Broncos Optimist


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                                The Josh McDaniels and Vance Joseph ships left the harbor and sailed over the horizon long ago. As far as Bronco fans are concerned, they may have collided and sunk. McDaniels was named HC of the Colts, but backed out. Joseph may or may not get another shot. He'll probably need to do a better job in AZ just to keep his DC position. Conventional wisdom probably thinks McDaniels will succeed Belichick in NE. Except for Bill O'Brien, Belichick's former assistant coaches haven't had much success in the NFL as head coaches yet. We shall see ... eventually.
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