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  • Originally posted by baphamet View Post
    ive said this before in the past. this FF league is damn good and competitive and I'm not just saying that because my team is dead last

    in my money league, I've won 2 of the last 3 years and I'm 8-2 this year. meanwhile, I get my ass handed to me in this free league. well, last year and this year at least.

    I don't even think the other leagues here are as good. I may be biased but I've been in league 3 and this one is the most competitive I've seen.

    nice work everyone! I'm gonna be back next year with A VENGEANCE!!!!!
    I do like my other league here a lot! But I tend to agree, this is one of the toughest leagues to succeed in. I have Wilson, Kamara and a host of talent, and have scored over 130 points per game, and have struggled to get over 500. I love the competitiveness!

    I have a buddy who seems to do very well in other leagues, but based on our conversations I think he is in 8 or 10 players leagues at most, and with anonymous opponents, who probably quit quicker than any of us. I've been in such a league, where I thought I was doing great, except it never dawned on me how easy it was to get the waiver picks I wanted. Whereas here (and in my other league - BCMB Smackdown), I seldom land the players I really want.

    Good stuff!!


    • Originally posted by Sophia23 View Post

      I'm right there with you Baph at 7-3. This may be my worst year ever in this league, but it will always be my favorite league. You guys are all awesome to play with!! Seems like you can score 120+ weekly here and lose... I don't mind though, just means everyone is competitive and that is pretty much every year.
      I've never finished last in any league ever and I've been playing since like 2002. a lot of it was me making stupid trades but CMC really screwed me this year. I would have been better off drafting mahomes first overall like I said I was going to do.


      • I can't believe I am starting 3 rookie WRs. In most seasons one rookie WR would be the most that might start regularly and I have been starting at least 2 for a few weeks now. 2020 draft was very deep with WRs.