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Broncos release Todd Davis

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    Originally posted by Jonny_Quest View Post

    The guy did a lot of good things for us over the years, and from what I understood was a good locker room presence.

    I trust Vic. I wish Todd Davis the best. Seemed like a class act.
    I agree with this. I do however think that at the end of the day we made the right call here.


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      Davis has his liabilities in coverage, but the defense was better when he played last year. Besides OT, ILB was a position I was surprised wasn’t addressed in the off-season. I guess we’ll see what Barron has to offer or there’s another trade in the works.


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        Originally posted by the0rangecrush View Post
        Ya I'm very surprised. Maybe, a surprise trade is on the horizon? Jags seem to be selling off parts, so maybe Myles Jack is a possibility.
        Mike Klis said earlier that a surprise move may be happening in the near future


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          Originally posted by Sam_Z View Post
          Mike Klis said earlier that a surprise move may be happening in the near future
          FWIW, Allbright said this on the Myles Jack front

          "Don't think that's happening. Not currently, anyway."

          So I think this is more a Cap thing than anything else
          What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?
          I don't know and I don't care


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            Myles Jack would be a nice pickup but a definite “win now” move with his $15.4M cap number this year and figures to have cap hits ranging from $12.1M to $13.9M for the next three seasons.

            I may be off on the exact number, but as it stands right now, we would have about $35M in cap space to roll over to next offseason. That’s plenty enough to extend Justin Simmons and we’d also have the flexibility to go after a nice free agent too. I was very much a Todd Davis truther on this board— but what’s done is done, sadly. I’ll be honest, freeing up that $4-5M from cutting Davis may make the FO look really good in 2021.


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              Is Myles Jack even up for trade?
              Superbowl 50 Champions!