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    I watched him in a Preseason Game literally pick up an O-Lineman just like a Forklift and set him aside to sack the Quarterback I think M.Reeds time to shine will be now !! I think Denver Defense is still going to be lit 🔥.

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    Well, Barrett was a project that worked out I don't see why Reed can't


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      Really missing Shaq Barrett right about now. Get well Soon Von, Malik's got ya back
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        As I've seen mentioned the coach will have to scheme up some good gameplans to cover up the loss of Miller. However players never want to see a von go down but they wait for an opportunity to prove they can play too. So they getting paid as well. Now the light is on them, if they show out all kinds of doors open. Losing Miller hurts but this is the ultimate team sport so lets get behind these other guys!


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          Well said. This is a team sport and the rest of us will do a little more to cover injury loss.


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            I saw Malik play here in Reno at Nevada his whole collegiate career. Dude was in the backfield ALOT. I'm excited to see what he can do with this chance.


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              Next man up!


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                I was bummed about Von this morning. Here’s hoping for the best. 🍺
                -Bronco in UT

                While I both agree and disagree with many posts in this thread I have to lean towards champ on this one. Jay really needs to learn how to manage the game better, and also to learn that you don't have to go for the big play EVERY time on every drive. There is something to be said to check the ball down and live to fight another day. -Great Post Cut the Excuses out please. sigh...

                Helll of a post


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                  Not trashing Von but it’s clear that his best football years are behind him, perhaps this is a blessing in disguise.

                  We have all seen elite players play one or two years too long. Perhaps if we had another corner back starting the head of Champa Bailey in 2012, we don’t lose that playoff game to the Baltimore ravens.

                  I’m not comparing the two positions at all but what I am saying is perhaps the time is now for Malik Reed but with a healthy Von we don’t find out.

                  All Reed has to do is record 8 sacks and make 33 solo tackles and he’s matched Vons 2019 stats.