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    Just wondering what you all think is a safe pick for a new Jersey this season.
    Input always helps

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    That's sort of tough. I haven't bought a new jersey in years - mostly cuz you never know who is going to stick around long enough.

    Lock has a chance at working out, but might be a risky jersey.

    If Simmons gets an extension, he could be a good one.

    Chubb maybe?

    There's all sorts of young offensive players that could be a good jersey, but it's just so hard to predict who will get that next contract.

    McManus just got got extended. LOL.

    It's tough, though.

    I see a lot of Keenum Jerseys on clearance racks. LOL.

    I've just ended up sticking with my classic Elway, Sharpe and Davis jerseys. Classic Elway being my go-to.


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      Get a Jeudy jersey. He'll be around for a long time, enough that at least in 4 years it won't feel like wasted money.

      Just don't do what I did and buy a Trevor Semien one.
      Superbowl 50 Champions!


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        Yeah seems like everybody on the team is not locked down.


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          Last jersey I bought was Von.

          Honestly, I don't like the Nike jerseys. They fit uncomfortably around the shoulder and arms for me. The Reebok ones were more comfortable.

          And, in the era of free agency, I would only get either a throwback like Elway or Atwater, or, a customized one with my name.


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            Not nearly as cool as New York, but you could do way worse for places to live. All the convenience of the big city with the ability live more affordably.


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              NJ is the way to go. We have better pizza!


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                The best thing that ever came out of N.J.was The Four Seasons with Frankie Valli.


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                  Cortland sutton is gonna get a big pay day from Denver he is probably who I would go. I went lindsay with my last one and don't regret it
                  oakland raders gm
                  latavis murray trade bait