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Terrible coaching.

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  • Terrible coaching.

    Going to be a long year until the play calling gets better. Terrible.

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    How do NFL coaches not understand simple timeout strategy???? Vance Joseph was the worst i have ever seen....until Vic tonight.


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      I’m irritated I stayed up to watch that atrocity. Part of me felt like he was banking on the kicker shanking a 5th kick in a row.


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        This loss was on a lack of execution though. Left 14 points on the field. One with the 3rd & Goal play and the other with the overthrow which would’ve sealed it.


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          Unbelievable. I think Vrabel outsmarted him so that Fangio wouldn't use his timeouts. Fangio coached a terrible game.
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            Jerry jeudy didn't help either. He needs to catch the ball first before thinking about RAC yards. That's an easy first, a FG and a 4 point lead

            Team effort loss. Yay


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              Fangio is just downright bad at clock management.
              Lock needs to work on decision making. He's always going for the home run instead of playing smart. Two drives stalled out in the 4th cause he was trying to be a hero instead of just moving the sticks.
              Bad Person Fouls costing Ints.
              Gordon can't hang on to the ball.
              Jeudy cant catch. Inexcusable.
              Defense as a whole is good but once again we get demolished by TE's.

              Same garbage different season.


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                Originally posted by Senses Fail View Post
                This loss was on a lack of execution though. Left 14 points on the field. One with the 3rd & Goal play and the other with the overthrow which would’ve sealed it.
                I am not sure if there was a person on the Bronco franchise who did enough to win tonight

                QB missing 2 wide open guys in the end zone ... 3 if you want to count the 4th qtr long pass
                OL not giving Lock a good pocket most of the night
                RBs fumble and passing lanes for positive gains only to get no gain or lose yardage trying to get big play
                WRs dropped passes
                LBs biting too hard on play action and making a penalty to cancel a int
                Front Seven getting horrible pressure on the QB
                DBs allowing far too many easy completions and penalty
                OC calling questionable plays
                DC not adjusting to the play action
                Elway not properly addressing one of multiple issues but in particular OT

                Did anyone check the waterboy?

                We lost as a team tonight. Everyone should come to back to work with a list of stuff they need to work on to even feel like they deserve their job
                Lets Ride!


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                  So disappointed in the pathetic coaching job by Fangio AND Shurmer....horrible clock management, and worse offensive play calling. Just can’t compete in this division with garbage like that. We will get curb stomped continually until we fix the most basic of components of a winning team....competent coaching.


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                    Where’s Kubiak?
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                      Originally posted by Oxygen Bandit View Post
                      Going to be a long year until the play calling gets better. Terrible.
                      Agree completely. We are stuck with this guy until either year end or after next season. I've watdched NFL since 1969 and never, once ever, has a coach who is this stupid with timeouts lasted as a head coach. This has to go back to Elway for not getting one of the Shanahan's back here. This is THREE clowns he's hired as coach (Fox, Joseph, Fangio).



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                        Fact is the coaches should know they have a young QB with lock. Should have kicked the FG on 4th down. Fangio and Shurmer know better. Time management is also a problem apparently.


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                          Did you hear his reasoning?

                          Would have called 1 but got the RB out of bounds. Would have used the 2nd but next play was incomplete. Therefore we would have only one time out left when we got the ball back.

                          Huh? You “would” used a time out but didn’t.

                          So you still had 3 and would have gotten the ball back with 50 seconds instead of 16.
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                            U just gotta believe that with 50secs Lock could’ve at the least gotten us in FG range. Watching that sequence unfold completely ruined my night.


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                              So let me first say that I'm livid watching that 4th quarter. That was some of the worst coaching I've seen. I was used to that from VJ, but I honestly gave Fangio credit for not blowing the little things like when to call a TO.

                              I don't think all of the criticism from comments above is fair, but a lot of it is spot on. From Shurmur not running the ball or calling an easy screen to kill the clock on the second to last drive, to Fangio failing to manage the game at all on the Titan's last drive, this was terrible coaching all around.

                              My one hope for the future of this season is that it was game 1 with no preseason. Every coach and team is in the same boat, so it's no excuse, but everybody doesn't come out at the same full speed. I think Fangio got caught up in the Defensive playcalling on the last drive and completely forgot he was the HC. It's inexcusable, but that's a problem that's probably already solved.

                              My bigger concern is Shurmur's playcalling. It felt a lot like Scangarello last year. Some brilliant drives and then some head-scratchingly bad stretches (like the whole 3rd quarter). He can't score, kill the clock, protect his QB, put together a rhythm, use his RBs or keep the defense off the field... What is it that he can do? The Titan's D was sucking air from the first series onward and he let them off the hook!

                              I'm still hopeful for the season, because I saw a lot of good things. Hopefully Sutton and Lindsay get healthy quickly and the Coaches get their acts together. I'm looking at you Shurmur. Run the ball!