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Terrible coaching.

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    Fangio literally said they didn't call timeouts because they thought the kicker was gonna miss.

    Hooray, beer!


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      Disappointing on so many levels. Expected more and that is on me.

      These 4th quarter defensive collapses are becoming routine for a respected defensive coach. Where were the big plays?

      Short week to get their heads out of their ying yangs and get ready for a Steelers team that looked impressive on defense. And Big Ben finding some rhythm with his offense.


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        How I picture Fangio thinking about timeouts and kickers.


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          Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
          Fangio literally said they didn't call timeouts because they thought the kicker was gonna miss.
          As absolutely bat-turd crazy as that logic was. I’d give a fraction of a sliver of a single shred of credibility if they weren’t inside the 20.......


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            Originally posted by Rastic View Post

            How I picture Fangio thinking about timeouts and kickers.

            LoL 😂 Epic Great One LoL 😂


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              Horrible message PS sent to his club... He didn’t believe in them, and for these young men... that’s gonna leave an impression.

              A few minutes left in the game, you have the lead and the ball at midfield... Lock to Jeudy for big first down, but JJ drops game away. Fine.

              Pat gave up on his team then and ran into his loser hole and curled up into a ball. Dive then fade? Wow!

              Instead of playing to win the game, on second down he’s planning his punt? Wants to burn clock?

              A first down wins the game! Pass all 4 downs and win the game and send a message and lift the confidence of your team...

              What do you have to lose?

              As soon as we sacrifice that down, accepted a third and long to burn 30 seconds... It was obvious to read the future...

              Tenn had 3 consecutive long drives,
              So it wasn’t hard to envision them
              Marching into FG position... I just saw us with ball, down 2, needed 20 yards for FG range but we fell 30 seconds short...

              Thanks, Pat!

              Oh, and anybody who calls for that shuffle on 4th down, in that spot, well, it doesn’t inspire much confidence.

              Good news is PS has a wealth of experience, so maybe that helps develop the kids... bc that experiment isn’t an advantage that manifests itself during the game, at pressure point moments, with his play calling.

              But the blame goes all around, JJ killed 2 potential scoring drives with ugly drops, Lock’s deep ball was putrid and cost the team the game, and Simmons play was brutal (he failed to secure the momentum shifting INT and looked clueless on that 4th down TD.

              Front office failed for ignoring OT for WRs, for ignoring the ILB positions. The play today of those spots was costly.
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                Originally posted by flosstein View Post
                U just gotta believe that with 50secs Lock could’ve at the least gotten us in FG range. Watching that sequence unfold completely ruined my night.
                After Jeudy dropped the first down pass, with 4 minutes left, ball in TEN 44.... the moment I witnessed Gordon get the dive... as I watched 30 precious seconds... I understood 2 things:

                1- Goatowski would redeem himself and give TEN a 16-14 lead.

                2- Our offense would run out of time, stall 20 yards shy of FG territory, and we be tossing a Hail Mary.

                When PS gave up on the game and yielded control of their own destiny to TEN, well... we’ve all watched enough football to know the probable outcome of events that would occur.

                It’s just amazing, given PS’s wealth of experience... he saw it differently. Then again, this visionary called for a waggle or shuffle or whatever bogus play on the season’s first GL/4th down situation. So, I guess anything is possible.

                Memo to Fangio: this offense not good enough to leave points on field. if you hear your OC call that play... call timeout and send out your kicker.


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                  Same garbage as last year.

                  Not expecting anything better the next two weeks against much better teams in Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay. We'll be 0-3 and hopefully get our first win against the Jets.


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                    Yeah, pretty bad coaching all around. Seems like it'll be a lot like last season tbh.....


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                      Originally posted by broncoslover115 View Post
                      Where’s Kubiak?
                      Getting his offense completely owned by the Packers until it was a blowout in the fourth.


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                        It was unacceptable how Fant became a non factor in the 2nd half. It’s like they just forgot about him. Just dumb


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                          Originally posted by Banner29 View Post
                          It was unacceptable how Fant became a non factor in the 2nd half. It’s like they just forgot about him. Just dumb
                          Well as much as I like Lock he is still young and a bit predictable. It was obvious he was locking in on the tight ends and Tennessee started creeping up second half. They didn’t take too many shots downfield and didn’t really complete anyway. And a couple of times where he connected to a wr it was dropped by the rookie.

                          Without Sutton and Hamler this offense is still too predictable.


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                            Please remember that the coaches are still learning also. He and they will all get better.


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                              There were definitely several odd play calls and perplexing clock management.

                              I’m just hoping it improves.


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                                Even with all the mistakes we still had a good shot to beat a good team. Fangio and Shurmur have what, over 50 years of NFL coaching experience combined, and they don’t know to call timeouts with around a minute left and the other team in chip shot range? You don’t get to roll them over to next week, what a fool. We would have been a playoff team last year if not for these same coaching errors. Fangio blows.