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    Was I the only one who noticed that the Broncos had the retro logo (with new colors, like in the color rush uniforms) painted in the end zone? I believe it's almost always (excluding the AFL anniversary year where they did a bunch of different ones) the horse head logo followed by Broncos. Last night it was the retro D logo followed by Broncos. Not sure anyone else noticed, just seemed weird to me (and a pleasant surprise) considering Joe Ellis went out of his way to basically say they'd never switch to that logo under the current ownership setup.

    Speaking of end zone art, I think my two favourites were: 1. During the 97 and 98 playoff games (but only the playoff games I believe) they painted the end zones at Mile High orange. Made it feel like a big game to see it. 2. In 2010 during the AFL anniversary the Broncos did a bunch of different end zones, my favourite was the orange and blue diamonds.

    Not sure anyone else pays attention, but just something I always notice.

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    I notice the end zone designs. My favorite was also the diamond.
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      I noticed that and think it's awesome. Love the D logo!


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        Loved the end zone art
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          The diamonds we're my absolute fav.

          Here's the end zone from Monday night.
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            Loved end zone art Denver old school logo with the D and horse were my favorite.


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              Originally posted by Rastic View Post
              Here's the end zone from Monday night.

              I'd be happy if they permanently went back to the D for both endzone and helmet! Never happen I guess since our SB record is 3-1 with the current helmet and 0-4 with the D, but that was the logo when I became a fan and will always be my favorite
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