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Royce Freeman Needs more touches.

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    Vic said on his presser that Lindsay "trending" to play on Thursday

    We going from two elite defenses that were 1st and 3rd in the NFL against the run to a team 24th against the run this week. In fact in the next 6 weeks the best run defense we will face is currently ranked 13th, another 19th and the rest at in the 20s.

    We will need to revisit the run game opinions after all that.
    Let's Ride!


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      Originally posted by nickmeyer View Post
      True true. Still feel Freeman has something to offer.
      Freeman is crap.


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        If Freeman can contribute, why not? But seriously... Gordon has been doing as well as one could hope. He’s blocking his tail off in pass protection and making the most of the running lanes opened for him. This lackluster offensive line has gone up against some of the toughest defenses in the league so far, which has exacerbated our problems offensively. Plus, we’ve fallen behind in all three games so far— causing our offense to stray away from the run early. We’ve never had a game this season where we leaned on our rushing attack to control the game. Gordon has looked good so far, but again— with our depleted roster, it’s tough to make any real evaluations with this team especially with our third-string QB playing.