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    Ex-Cardinal Fan

    I am an ex-Cardinal fan who is now a Denver fan because of Jake. I have posted from the beginning that I knew he was always a great quarterback. I prayed for him to go ANYWHERE but Arizona even though I lived there and could go see him play. I wanted him to do well like I knew he could. I am so glad he is with the Broncos and thank you Bronco Fans and Mike Shanahan for giving him the chance to shine!!


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      When I heard that Jake was going to be a free agent last year I said " OOOO!! The Bronco's should get him!!" Litlle did I know that Shanahan was thinking the same thing. All my friends would say to me "Are you kidding me? Jake Plummer sucks!" and I was like " Nah dude, Jake would be great for Denver's system, He's a good Quarterback." This year has really changed alot of minds about Plummer. Im glad he's having success and now that he's in the playoffs in his first year at Denver, hopefully he will like the taste of that and we will see many more playoff games to come!


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        Az Boards

        I was just reading the cardinal boards. They said they were so happy to get rid of Jake and get a higher caliber quarterback in there - Jeff Blake! Boy - whatever was in their pipe must have been good. I cannot believe the HATE for Jake in Arizona. He took them to the playoffs for the 1st time in 50 years. He brought excitement ot the valley. How soon they forget. They think this year is a fluke. I have always known he is good. Why are others so blind and so stupid? Look how well he has done here and it is his first year!! I hope he gets a Super Bowl ring soon. They say he is not good - it is the players around him holding him up. Didn't they watch the games when he was hurt? Why couldjn't they hold up Beurlien (another ex-cardinal) and Kanell? Unbeleivable!! Makes me fighting mad!!


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          Once again, just because there are a couple of threads on the Cardinals message board criticizing Jake, don't think all Cardinals fans dispise him because you can be no further from the trueth. He is very much loved by most in AZ, I can assure you that.