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    mobile and fast lets see what he can do on the field?

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    Lets not.

    Quick: I haven't had my ass whipped in a while. Probably been since like...1911?
    Sugar Ray: Yeah, thats when you were born and the doctor slapped you on the ass.
    Quick: Yes, thats the last ass whipping I recall. And I'm looking for him.


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      Let's do and say we didn't!!


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        No dont get Crouch. The only thing he is good for is pitching the ball. He cant throw to save his life. Lets just stick to what we have now until the end of the season.


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          why is this in the technical/feedback area?

          Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

          The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
          You should check these guys out


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            B12 Country

            I live just hours outside of Lincoln here in B12 country. If Crouch wanted to play in the NFL so bad, why doesn't he move to defense? Of course he has the speed to be a corner but I also think he has the toughness to do it to, who wouldn't after running the option for 4 strait years in the best football confrence?

            It was kind of funny though a couple of weeks ago. I tuned in to a PPV Fox game, my Cyclones against Nebraska. Who was doing the color commentary? Yup, Mr. Eric Crouch. He does sports for some news channel out of Omaha, and yes, he sucks at both.
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              Crouch had his chance with the Rams and he walked away. IMO, he doesn't have NFL QB stuff. Although, I think he'd be a good WR or DB and in a pinch (a very BIG pinch), he might be able to salvage a game if (God forbid) all three QBs on whatever team, got injured (anyone old enough to remember Tom Matte of the BALTIMORE Colts taking over at QB for 1/2 a season after Unitas & Morrall got hurt in the same game? Or, when WR Marlin Briscoe filled in at QB for a couple of game for the Broncos)