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  • Originally posted by Jaws View Post
    If I didn't live a few thousand miles too far away I'd gatecrash that gathering, unless of course one of you fears sharks
    We'd prolly let you bite us.
    "It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate,
    tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of

    -- Samuel Adams

    sigpicJacks RULE!!!!!!


    • Originally posted by rcsodak View Post
      Things are still ....things. :thumb:

      Fighting the ear infection THING.
      Will be lurking around, though. Glad to see you're still here.
      Good to see you too.
      Ear troubles suck.
      I have an appointment at the Ear, Nose and Throat clinic tomorrow. They better be gentle or I might bite!
      I have not mellowed despite becoming a Granny for the second time a month ago


      • I have been a broncos fan as long as I can remember and was very disappointed to hear about eric seigler losing his season tickets b cuz his mother in law had cancer. Broncos should reconsider anyone with me!!!!


        • Hello all,
          this is my first post, but I've been a long time lurker. Enjoy the game-day threads and all the smack with Baph.

          I've been a Broncos fan since the AFC Championship game against the Raiders. My dad was a Raiders fan, while my grandfather rooted for the Broncos that day. I chose the Broncos, and never looked back. This actually made football more fun as I grew up; my dad and I could trade smack talk and the Broncos/Raiders games were always lively at our house.

          I remember the day Elway was traded to the Broncos. My dad woke me up for school and tossed the sports section of the paper to me...things were about to get interesting! The joy of The Drive and The Fumble were crushed by the SB losses. That black burning in the pit of my soul was extinguished by tears of joy at the end of SBXXXII. I still get that giddy smile when I think back on that day.

          Lots of other game memories, which I'm sure are familiar to most us. My wife and I live near Sacramento and make an annual trip to Denver each year to attend a home game. I'm on the season ticket wait list, and at the rate it's moving, I might get tickets by the time I retire.

          So now I'm signed up and look forward to participating with all my fellow Broncos fans!

          Go Broncos!



          • Hi all. I'm Alan. Huge Broncos fan for many years (1980's). I live on the UK south coast (Bournemouth). Have never seen the Broncos play live. I spent a few years in the front range area in the 90's & was there when we won our back to back SB's. Could never get a darned ticket cos you guys are such amazing fans & pack the place out every game! Did the stadium tour of the old & new stadiums, impressive. Would have loved to settle in the area but life took different turns. Been reading the forum for ages & suddenly decided to sign up. The Broncos are a super organisation because of the passion of the fans, & the continuity of a winning mentality. We've had winning seasons for so long & a bad year is pretty rare really. Obviously the current situation is a disappointing one, but over the years, the owners have been pretty good at sorting these things out. Keep the faith guys, & let me say its pretty tough following your team through bad times when it means very late nights & no sleep when we have an evening match! Proud to be a Bronco.


            • Welcome to the MB Joe, Richard and Alan!

              Richard, families with fans of different teams make game day very interesting. Redskins, Pats, Broncos and 49ers here.

              Alan, we have a few fans in your area. I like your positive attitude!

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              • Just signed up. I am from Alberta in western Canada and true to stereotype hockey is my #1 sport but I do enjoy football and have been getting into it more. The Broncos have always been my team and I followed them at least loosely since I was a kid dating back to when John Elway was QB and the superbowl thrashings.

                Just decided to sign up. At the end of a dismal season. I guess timing isn't my strong suit. I believe a pivotal offseason awaits and Elway needs to get things right. Go Broncos!
                Go Broncos, eh


                • Welcome both of you....


                  • So.. uh... long time 17,690th time.... well, before the great Purge... hi, All!! !!
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                    • Hello to all the board!!!
                      Been a fan of the Broncos for a very long time............... 70's Got out of football for a few years but have come back as a result of the decline of NASCAR. I wear my orange and blue proudly!!!!!!!
                      My all-time favorite Bronco Karl Meklenberg!!!!!!!! Of course John Elway too!

                      Can't wait for the draft to get here! exciting times and lots of different options out there. NOT a QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      We gotta get behind Keenum!!!
                      GO BRONCO'S !!!!! :lombardi::lombardi::lombardi:


                      • Welcome and enjoy your time here. Lots of great posters here.

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                        (2011-2013) Eric Decker
                        (2014-2018) Bradley Roby
                        (2019-Current) Drew Lock
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                        • I'm new to the forum but a long time Broncos fan since 1983. Representing Broncos via the Bay Area Ca. Broncos all day everyday. Raider hater for life and the other chumps in the West. Let's take back the West. Always optimistic but a realist. Our D is legit. What up to all of my Bronco brothers and sisters.


                          • Welcome to the BCMB!!!!
                            My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter


                            • Originally posted by FilthyRichdb View Post
                              I'm new to the forum but a long time Broncos fan since 1983. Representing Broncos via the Bay Area Ca. Broncos all day everyday. Raider hater for life and the other chumps in the West. Let's take back the West. Always optimistic but a realist. Our D is legit. What up to all of my Bronco brothers and sisters.
                              Welcome, it's nice to meet you
                              "Happiness is just an illusion, filled with sadness and confusion." Jimmy Ruffin


                              • Hey there Broncos Country. I'm new here, been a Broncos fan all my life and I'm old so long time lol. Seem's to be some knowledge about football here which is cool. I live in Oregon so getting my Bronco fix is sometimes daunting. Look forward to some healthy banter here.