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  • I am the newest of all! (At least at this second)

    Hey everyone! I am excited to join this forum! I am a female, I have been a Broncos fan since I was a little girl!!! I live in Columbus, Ohio so I can't really say I am a fan based on location, but we don't have a pro team in Columbus and I have always been drawn to the Broncos!


    • Newbie's First Ever Thread.....Testing

      Hi, all Bronco fans! I just finish registering and logged on the first time here. I should have registered much earlier during the season. Hope the Broncos can clinch a first round home playoff game at Invesco Field. Better late than never I guess!
      :logo: :helmet: :salute: :goz:


      • Welcome, all you new people.


        • just joined yesterday, although i used to come here alot in the past just to read. i am 33 years old and the broncos are all i have ever known.


          • Hey guys,

            Been loitering with intent on these boards for the past 18 months and have finally plucked up the courage to join.

            I am 24 and live in Bristol and London, England.

            I used to live in The States when I was younger but in Jersey and NYC so my dad used to take me to see the Jets but I came good and have been a Broncos fan for coming on 9 years.

            Made it to 2 match ups at Mile High and have been hooked ever since.

            I am anticipating our matchup with The Pats like you wouldn't believe.

            Its gonna be a late Saturday night...thats for sure


            • Glad you took the plunge, we have many fans here from overseas.


              • Cheers Jovi....hopefully I'll get to know some fellow UK-based fans.

                My best buddy is a Steelers fan so the week after will hopefully be party time!


                • I have been a Broncos fan off and on since John Elway was QB. You guys just signed one of my friends Landon Trusty to a future contract.
                  Go Broncos!!!!!!


                  • Living IN GATOR LAND


                    i grew up in colorado from 76 to about ten years ago, now stuck in FL watching from the tube - i have a rick upchurch autograph from my first job working at DQ in Littleon or maybe it was haven moses - but i have loved them always

                    my son and i are watching tonight and my wife and i got to see elway in the drive two game with houston i think about a decade ago with nose bleed seats, but that doesn't matter - we also got the parade day in downtown on Elway's first superbowl win for denver... i also sat behind him a few rows the first night patrick roy was in the big mac before the can opened!

                    i miss colorado winters, but will spend my summers in BV for summer camp while i live down here in FL near the gator swamp in central part of the pennisula

                    Living in the orange of Gators, but love DENVER more
                    Rant and Rave from Central FL


                    • hey

                      Hey I'm a noob here. I found the forum of the Denver Bronco's website and thought I'd join since I'm a huge Denver fan. I used to live in Denver and I've been a Bronco fan since birth. Now I live in Las Vegas which is just about all Raider's fans so I've been having some good laughs at them about the Bronco's going to the AFC Championship next week. Anyway hello to everyone and hopefully you'll see me around, since I'll be trying to stay as active as possible.


                      • Greetings from the land of the midnight sun!

                        Growing up in Denver, I can remember Floyd Little. Whoa! Guess that kinda dates me, huh? LOL

                        Congrats to the Denver Broncos for a job well done. Now, it's on to the Championship game, and let's win there.


                        • Welcome everyone.
                          If you get a chance put yourself on our map here.




                          • newbie here

                            I lived in Denver for years, but had to move due to my moms poor health.
                            I miss everything about Colorado. I am currently living in "cowboy country"
                            gag, choke, barf,.......but I have been a Bronco finatic since the early 70's.
                            I can barely wait for next Sundays game. Thanks for the friendly welcome,
                            and helpful information.


                            • What's up Bronco fans. I'm a diehard Raider fan checking out your site. I'm not to much into smack talking, I just like to talk football with opposing team fans. If my Raiders are not in the playoffs, Iwill cheer on the teams from the AFC West. Except the chargers. I'm not your typical fan who hates everybody in the division. So good luck against the Steelers.


                              • Seahawks Fan Checking In

                                ...mainly because the message board for Seattle, quite simply, stinks.

                                Lived here most of my life, and grew to not like the Broncos because 1) we moved from the Oakland area and 2) the fans at the time (late '70's) were too much about cheering and not enough about knowledge of the game. Too much "rah, rah, rah" for me and no substance; every time the opponents scored, they cheated; every time a call went against the Broncs, it was a conspiracy. Couldn't have anything at all to do with the fact that they were playing better teams in the likes of Pittsburgh and Oakland, oh no. The rest of the league was out to get them. Got very annoying. Got even tougher to take when Oakland started to become Chokeland. I had to purge all the Silver and Black from my wardrobe after a time. So I was left looking for a team to root for.

                                Back in '86, the Broncos had wrapped up the AFC West in Week 15, leaving a single meaningless game up in the Kingdome to finish out the regular season. The Seahawks stomped them hard, 41-16, and I was in love. Been a Seahawks fan ever since.

                                Over time, the Broncos, as well as their fans, have increased their savvy and comprehension tenfold, and I can watch them play knowing full well that they are a classy, quality, well-run franchise with terrific coaches and teams year in and year out.

                                I am entitled to hate them a little for this... but it's a healthy hatred.

                                I'll still bleed Seahawk blue 'til the day I die, but I've enjoyed reading the posts from the local orange-and-blue crowd. And I fully believe that the Broncos will be headed eastward in about a week or so. Not so certain about the Seahawks, but I do know that they feel they don't have much respect around the league, and that will keep them from getting too full of themselves.

                                Boy... just thinking about the prospect of an old-style AFC West matchup for the eXtra Large game makes me so giddy I could... well... umm.... dangit - where are my Depends?