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  • Originally posted by Jaws
    Bad loss to West Brom this weekend. The gunners don't seem to be motoring on all cylinders this season. Liverpool fan here, a long due win and an actual goal in the league this weekend!
    Yeh i know, we definately wasnt firing that day and i happened to drive up from london to the midlands to watch it!!!
    Wasnt best happy but we seem to be doin ok now, Beat sunderland this weekend and chelsea lost the Manx!!!!

    If you like English Football, check it out.


    • Hey everyone!


      I guess this is where I start out. Hey everyone, I've been enjoying your boards the last few months, just never joined up. I work in the real estate field, have 2 daughters, love living in Colorado. Native baby! I absolutely adore the Broncos. My sister and her boyfriend are staying with me, he is a diehard Colts fan....haha there is a fun Sunday afternoon. I'm doing damn good so far this season on my picks....12-2 this week yea baby!!! Anywhos, just wanted to introduce myself and let you know this board kicks ass! Hope to get a chance to talk to ya'll.

      Later taters!

      Go Broncos........
      Ready for the friggen season already!


      • N.1 broncos fan

        Originally posted by BVP
        Welcome all new members. This is a place to go to when you first sign up, or even now, and post about yourself. Like, how long have you been a Bronco fan? If you dont like the Broncos, how long have you liked your favorite team. Just a place to let us get an know you. (Mods, please sticky.)
        Hello to everyone my name is luis O i'm from california i live 2 hours away from the oakland faiders i been a broncos fan since 1991 and here in california its hard to see the broncos play so far this year they have only broadcast 2 games one was a monday night football anyways its a pleasure to be here with fellow broncos fans i have a question if someone that lives around the central valley in cali that knows a place where they show broncos game to let me know thank you


        • Giveemlove & shadow209

          Welcome to the boards.
          Should find a well rounded family of Bronco lovers here.


          • Thank you

            Thanks Reidman!!
            Ready for the friggen season already!


            • Damn glad to be here!

              I have spent the last couple weeks reading through several threads and messages. Although I am new to this form of sports camaraderie I am not new to broncomania. My Dad is a Broncos fan and I have been from day one. My dogs name is Elway, I have a room in my house that is blue and orange with all my Broncos paraphernalia hanging on display, I have two tats one an old style helmet logo and one of the new style.
              Anyways enough about me, just be patient as I learn how to navigate and contribute to all of this.
              BRONCOS RULE !!


              • WELCOME enjoy the forums
                I bleed orange and blue...


                • I've been a Bronco Fan while I was in my mothers womb! Now at age 56, I'm still a fan. Although I live in Norwalk, California, I have not given up on the Broncos, nor do I plan on deserting this most exciting team.

                  I still want to see John Elway, throw several game balls... 'cause he can still do it!
                  JazzyCoffee~Luvs Broncos


                  • Welcome to the boards dbf07 and Jazzy.


                    • Hi everyone! I'm new to the message boards, but I am always on the Denver Broncos site!

                      About me, I live in California, born and raised in Bakersfield to be exact. I have been a Broncos fan since I was 10 which makes it 23 years now. Don't have a clue how it started. In the beginning when you're a girl I think it's more about what the uniforms look like and maybe it had something to do with my liking horses. Anyway, it stuck and never went away. No one else in my family likes the Broncos the way I do. It seems we all like different teams.

                      I'm a collector so I have tons of stuff, mostly of John Elway. I remember when they finally won the superbowl and instantly it seemed Bakersfield was filled with Broncos fans. I got angry. How dare they buy jerseys with the new logo and act like they love them? Where were they through four superbowl losses? Where are the jerseys with the old logo? Where was their loyalty when they weren't winning? My brother once said I can't be a fan of something, I have to be a fanatic. Yep! That's me! Fanatic to the core!

                      One quick story I will never forget. When the Broncos got creamed in the superbowl by the 49ers I was in high school. My Algebra II teacher was also the football coach. Being the fanatic that I am, even in a defeat like that, I went to school the Monday after wearing my AFC Championship t-shirt and my Broncos jacket. Oh the teasing I received from fellow students, especially the guys. But when I walked into that math class my teacher said the most amazing things. He said that no one should be teasing me. He said if I am that loyal of a fan to come in the day after a horrible loss like that and be able to hold my head up high and still be a proud fan, that's amazing. He admired me for that. He was heaping me with praise over that and I was feeling so low up until that point. He made my day. I just love that story and I love telling it! It was a shining moment in a low time of Broncos history.

                      Anyway, I have never been to a Broncos game. I always swore the first time I went needed to be in Denver. I didn't want to go to some other stadium and watch my team. I want to feel the love and the pride with my fellow fanatics! Some day that will happen.


                      • Welcome to the board Michelle.


                        • welcome michelle!


                          • May new to the site but been a Bronco fan since I was thought of by mom and pop!!!!!!!!! Bronco fan from Albquerque NM.


                            • Hi everyone

                              So, I have been a fan since 1980 when I was stationed down in Ft. Carson. I grew up in Utah so didn't really have any team affiliation for pro ball. My military travels have ended me up out in Kansas City and you guessed it... my Broncos apparel really goes over big here.

                              I have been here in Kansas for 11 years now and still have not moved over to the Chiefs sideline. I actually enjoy the rivalry it stirs up here at work.

                              Thanks for a great site.



                              • Welcome NMD and linksman to the boards!