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Donnie Edwards is the best LB in football

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  • Donnie Edwards is the best LB in football

    Sorry guys, I love our linebackers, but if anyone has watched over the last 3 or 4 years, it is so easy to see that Donnie Edwards is the best linebacker around. I wish we would have signed him when the Chefs let him go 2 years ago. That guy rockes!

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    No way

    Hes ok but not the best.


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      the best LB is whoever has the biggest defensive line.
      dont let him pull dat move on ya, dont let him pull that move.......................oh no dats da move! TOUCHDOWN!!!

      I tried to warn ya.


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        Donnie Edwards?... soon as he can cover Shannon Sharpe or any TE with speed or talent..then he can be considered the best LB...but personally I think Derrick Brooks is the best LB in the league, he's got it all and he carries the Tampa D...late
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          donnie edwards

          i wish we still had him


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            Ray Lewis by far, & Al Wilson aint far behind,

            what about Zach Thomas, hes a madman as well


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              Aww you guys forgot one, Brian Urlacher.

              I would have to put them in this order

              1. Ray Lewis
              2. Derrick Brookes
              3. Brian Urlacher

              I would probably put Al Wilson 5th or 6th, because I dont think hes that great in pass coverage, and Donnie Edwards like 10th.
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                Donnie Edwards is O.K. -- He is not even as good as Seau, even though Seau has lost a step.

                The best I would say is Jason Taylor. That guy is a madman and he is the complete package. Fast, good hands, gets to the quarterback, plays the run well, leadership, and has tremendous intensity.
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                  Its nice to see how underrated Teddy Bruschi is.

                  Thats OK,We like it that way.


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                    Jason Taylor is a DE though, not a LB.
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                      Hey guys, WAKE UP!! Where is Ian Gold on you guys' lists?! Give him another year under his belt, and he'll be just as good, if not better than Lewis.


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                        Are you guys smoking crack...and forgive my "rockes" misspelling..

                        1. Ray Lewis has great defensive coaching and a very very good supporting cast around him to make all those plays.

                        2. Derrick Brooks is a BIG PLAY backer but is often criticized for his run defense being inconsistent.

                        3. Urlacher??? Are you kidding me? Watch the dude play. He misses so many of his assignments it's sickening to see...

                        Edwards has NO help around him. He can cover most if not every tight end in football, and he is in on every single play for the Chargers defense. The guy is a badass, he just doesn't make the noise that the criminal Ray Lewis does, and he doesn't play for Tampa like Brooks, if he did he would put up even bigger numbers than he does. You guys listen to the media too damn much. Watch him play a few times and it's obvious I'm right.


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                          Best LB

                          Who's the best LB ... I have no clue. There is a player rankings area that's interesting. The link is for the linebackers, but you can look at all positions as well.

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                            Urlacher is seriously over rated.

                            Brooks or Lewis tough call.

                            Hey whatever happened to the Katzenmoyer kid. Wasn't he from Ohio St. or something i thought he was gonna be the next great thing.
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                              Just my opinion.

                              Derrick Brooks is the most fundamentally sound LB right now. Understand where he is supposed to be at all times and has the speed to to make plays if he ever is out of position.

                              Ray Lewis is perhaps the most dominant. Like Singletary, Taylor, Ditka, etc, you have to account for his position as on offensive player. He can singlehandedly change game plans.

                              Urlacher is the most instinctual, and the best game speed LB. Gold and Wilson are fast, but Urlacher just seems to get to the ball so quick sometimes. He is having a down year. Got to get rid of that rich, skanky-looking girlfriend.

                              I have seen every Chargers game on TV, and there is no way you can tell me that the undersized, slow, befuddled at times, linebacker I see play is even close to being one of the best in the league. Maybe I need to see them play in peson, but I am not so sure that would help.

                              I would take any one of the Steelers LBs, in additon to the 3 I just mentioned, plus any one of the Broncos LB's when healthy over Donnie Edwards. Maybe even throw in 2 of the guys form Miami.

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