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Who is the Best QB since 1985 excluding John Elway?

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    I voted for Stan Humphries too since I figured this was more of a joke than anything. Why is it since 1985? Why was Humphries included and soo many good QB's excluded? What about Jim McMahon?
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      farve wins hands down. what other qb, enjoys the game,sets and leads by example, and last can carry his team


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        Why not include Elway? The guy, save for the last two years, suffered through some pretty mediocre teams and marginal talent surrounding him.

        That's not to say that I'd rate him the best, but he deserves to be mentioned in the same breath with Montana, Favre and Marino....that's a for sure.

        It's a very subjective question but I'd have to give the nod to Montana because of the rings. Now, he was surrounded by tons of talent and a system that hadn't been "broken" by Defensive Co-ordinators yet, but you can't take away those rings....same goes for Bradshaw. Say what you want and you'd be accurate ... but by gawd, they have the rings...


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          Re: Who is the Best QB since 1985 excluding John Elway?

          Originally posted by dhall26
          Who is the Best QB since 1985 excluding John Elway?
          Well of course you would have to exclude Elway or there would be no point in having the poll right? Donkeys...


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            I believe Joe Montana is best QB of all time, but Brett Farve is definitely in the same class.


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              I have nothing else to add. Just click on the link. It speaks for itself. Brett Favre is a great one but you just can't compare Joe's career.
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