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    Do you HONESTLY believe that either one of those guys could come in and win a playoff game for us, much less take us to the playoffs? I mean c'mon, yeah they have "talent"(apparently not enough since we CUT BOTH in preseason) and are making more than me, but they are career 3rd string backups. Plain and simple.


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      i agree. draft a back up,and look for a free agent. i basicly have a little (verrrrrry little) more faith in jarius,than danny.also, do not belive brunell will settle for backup role.


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        I think Kannell and Jackson are both toast. Look for us to reload at QB through a combination of free agency AND the draft.

        Let's just pray that we can keep Plummer standing on both feet til then. If Jake goes down our SB dreams go down with him.


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          I know he is some what of a jerk, but I wish we would have picked up Jeff George instead of resigning these guys. AS a back up I would feel much more confident with him coming off the bench then either of the guys we have now.


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            i agree with that. i was actually a little pumped when they were talking about signing george. i wouldnt have a problem.with getting him next year+ drafting one


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              I feel that Kanell has potential. You have to realize that he is under a lot of pressure when he has to jump in behind Jackson, or start a few games, and be expected to play like Plummer. He did extremely well when he filled in for Beurlein. I think if he had the chance to actually be a starter during the pre-season, and then flowing into the regular season, he wouldn't be that bad.

              Brunell definitly has some skills. I would be happy to have him as a backup. That dude can definitly throw.

              I'm not sure what the situation with Doug Flutie is, but if it were up to me, I would have him as the 2nd stringer. This guy is a leader and mature. I still can't believe how stupid the Bills were when Flutie led them to the playoffs with a killer season, only to be replaced in the playoffs with Johnson. Someone had a serious brain-fart on that one. I think he coulda won the superbowl that year.

              Did I spell definitly right? Haha I can't remember... or is it definetly? Or is it something else... I need to take spelling again.


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                Kanell has the strongest arm on the team but he feels the pressure. I prefer Jarious for his scrambling ability, but then Kanell is a more accurate passer (marginally). Kanell can scramble if he has to, but don't expect anyhting big.

                Elvon Millervil eat grues for breakfast.

                Pey-Pey to Bey-Bey for the Tey-Dey.