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last word on Den.- G.B. controversy

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  • last word on Den.- G.B. controversy

    Unbelievable!!! O.K. For all of you angry, disappointed, betrayed and "feeling cheated" posters out there who are so vociferous in your Bronco and Shanahan bashing regarding the coach's decision to rest key players, I submit the following:

    ANY boss has the RIGHT to decide how BEST to utilize their workforce. It is also his RESPONSIBILITY, and his alone, to see that his effort in this regard is conducive to achieving his organizations goals. Both the right and the responsibility are vested in him and the closer to achieving 100% of the goal that that organization reaches is a direct reflection on the boss' personnel decisions and workforce management

    The "goal" of every NFL franchise is to win an NFL Championship for it's city ( or state), at least in theory. (Ya gotta wonder about a couple of 'em though.) The "goal' is NOT to "win every game", as one poster suggested. It is NOT even making an "effort" to win every game. It is NOT even so much as "fielding the best players available" as another poster wrote. It's the Super Bowl, s****d! I am happy to be a fan of one of the franchises that does set that goal for itself and the coach who knows what it's going to take to get his team there again.

    I am assuming the critics would all be willing to ascert the following concerning themselves; They practice what they preach. Will any of you step forward and say that you go to work every day with YOUR "A" game and that you approach EVERY task with equal vigor, enthusiasm and INTEREST? Didn't think so. To make such claims, one would have to be a) a general slacker with no concept of real achievement, b) delusional, or c) a liar. However, if you acknowlege your own short comings in these regards your complaint reveals you to be hypocrits. Go figure. What galls me the most is that people of such needy character and lack of mental acumen wish to make this a question of " ETHICS"??!

    The "ethics" of the game are proscribed by the rules of the NFL and are well published and understood. NO rules were broken. Broke HELL!, they weren't even bent! Nor folded, spindled or mutilated. Wherein lies the infraction but in your own minds?

    EVERY team substitutes regularly. Teams with run away victories in the regular season often give starters a rest and give the "scrubs" some "scrub time". By logical extension, it follows that if a season should result in favorable circumstances and the standings allow for it, the whole last game may be regarded as nothing more than "scrub time". You gonna send a team of surgeons in to mop up the blood on the floor? Of course not. You send in the scrubs. I should like to point out once again that the team Denver fielded in G.B. was not of significantly different composition than the ones they fielded earlier in the year in losses to the Ravens, the Vikes and the Pats.

    It would only be suicide for a coach and a dereliction of his responsibility to the club, NOT to protect and preserve the integrity of his starting line-up as best he could and by any means he deems fitting. His duty is to give his team the best chance to advance. His obligation is to the organization and the realization of accomplishing the common "goal". His "ethic" is to do the best he can with what he's got. In this case, it was a matter of saving his best for last. For when it matters. No foul. Pick up the hankies.

    During a mid-season slump, due mainly to injuries, Shanahan and Co. lost three out of four, but played competitvely in every game, and in fact , did win one game with essentially the same players as they had on the field in G.B. Assertions that the Broncs took a dive, mailed it in, "didn't try to win, what ever, are twaddle. It just wasn't a "win at any cost" desperation type of situation. Those players on the field for Denver DID try to win. They wanted to win as bad as the guys on the other side of the ball did. They wanted to be hailed for their heroics just like the "Star"ters, basking in the flood lights and answering the press's questions for a change.

    By preparing his team as usual for a game and not making known his personnel decisions until the last minute, Shanahan actually accomplished several things that will benefit his team down the road in the tournament, to whit: The starters were kept focused and sharp by practicing as if they were going to play. The back-ups all got valuable game time experience against a quality opponent who is also a potential S.B. contender. This tactic kept the understudies from undue pre-game stress and distraction, while at the same time impressed upon them the immediacy of preparedness.

    This in turn will help coaches make quick and sure personnel decisions, package selection and play calling in the event of game injuries or other game time adjustments. This tactic also was a test of the coaching staff and their abilities to cope with the unforeseen and sudden turns of events that may lie ahead in the team's quest for the Super Bowl. Shanahan could easily have risked future success to win accolades for himself. He chose not to risk injury to Plummer, Portis et al, when he could have played his team for the personal glory of achieving his own personal landmark of 100 wins. A guy like Bill Parcels may do something like that, but...

    Shanahan has kept his team intact and has them ready to go for the playoffs. From both a football stand point and an "Ethical" one, Shanahan's decision to rest as many as he could while preparing as many as he could, was sound and unassailable. Reason and logic prevailing, there is no fault with it.

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    Shanny was right in doing what he did. What if Portis got hurt again, or Plummer went down? You could kiss our a$$es outta the playoffs before they even started. I wanna see Portis and Plummer lead us to the SB, and they can't do that if they got hurt in a MEANINGLESS GAME. So SHAAAAADDDDDUP!


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      Yeah, I totally agree with Mike's choice to sit the starters. It's not worth it to lose a key guy in a game where absolutely nothing is on stake.

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        I can't believe we're still talking about this. First of all it's wednesday, 2nd It's wildcard weekend this week, finally there has been a bunch of coaches canned and 1 of them was the FAIDERS. Let's get over this already It was just a "GAME" and it's a boring topic.


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          Originally posted by DieWithMileHigh
          I can't believe we're still talking about this. First of all it's wednesday, 2nd It's wildcard weekend this week, finally there has been a bunch of coaches canned and 1 of them was the FAIDERS. Let's get over this already It was just a "GAME" and it's a boring topic.


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            Excellent post, and you get bonus points for using 'vociferous'!
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            Thanks, Snk16!!


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              ahhh SHUT UP!!!


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                This guy must have taken the class "BCollin on how to write really long posts" 101! Man, I had to do a doubletake, to make sure it wasn't him.
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                  You're damn right! lol


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                    You know as much as I disagree with completely removing the starters (I'd give them limited playing time), you'll notice a lot of the "it's unfair!" talk is coming from Colts, Pats and Chiefs fans who were hoping Jake and Clinton would get injured.
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                      imagine how many MORE people would be upset if we HAD played the starters and one of THEM suffered a concussion instead of move by Shanahan.
                      dont let him pull dat move on ya, dont let him pull that move.......................oh no dats da move! TOUCHDOWN!!!

                      I tried to warn ya.


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                        The best team was put on the field for the game considering the given situation, we already won the wild card and our starters have been banged up and what better time to give them nagging injuries time to heal, a meaningless game to us… I support Mike 100% in his wise decision…

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                          The starters would've complained if they thought differently. They didn't. That tells you something.

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                            Please let this thread and those of similar topics die, or at least move onto the second page.

                            I think Shannahan did what he thought gave his team the best chance to win in the playoffs at no harm to his team's position in the playoffs. Granted, the loss was a bit embarassing and might cost some momentum (I'm not a big believer in game to game momentum, though). But I'm sure Shannahan weighed the pros and cons and did what he thought was best.

                            Now, if someone's going to be mad about the moves, it should be gamblers, bookies and fantasy football players.
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                              The only people that are complaining about what Mike did on Sunday are those that dont know **** about football.

                              End of story.
                              Take care of business Broncos.