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Who is the best player on the Broncos?

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    Originally posted by Return of Lava
    if the brocnos beat the colts and the pats, and the ravens beat the titans and the chiefs, do we play the ravens for the AFC championship at home, or in Baltimore?
    The higher seed hosts the game so we'd play at Baltimore. Basically, Denver (as the 6th seed) will not play another home game this year, guaranteed.
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      There all good

      The question really should be: who can we do least without?

      How come you have no defensive players on the list? Mobly, Wilson, Pryce, Holland, Berry, Fatafehi, Kennedy, Walls, Herndon...


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        check the new post....
        Mike Shanahan is a big dumbass!!!!!

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          Originally posted by portisistheman
          Agreed. We both see eye to eye on this point. The point I am trying to make is I believe Clint has a higher level of talent, but you wouldn't know it because of the spectacular O line play and the fact that we have good depth at RB. Jake also has incredible talent but if he goes down you will notice the dropoff only because of the LACK of talent at backup QB. This, IMO, makes him more valuable, not more talented.
          I disagree. Jake is extremely talented for his position. Portis wouldnt be a talented QB just like Jake wouldnt be a talented RB. I dont think you can judge talent for two different players playing two different positions. If Jake is more valuable, then he is the better player on the team. My opinion.