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Now this is exciting: Shanahan in rematches

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    Originally posted by letgomyeggo
    Here is to an injury free well officiated game with no ifs ands or butts to discuss afterwards. [/B]
    This'll be here for you to see, just in case!!!

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      Originally posted by Elway
      technically 2-0, we didn't face the Jafs that season until the wild card round, we were giving them paybacks for the 96' wildcard.
      No offense, but you're wrong...

      It's 3-0...

      We faced the Chiefs and the Steelers in the postseason after losing to them... And we also faced Miami after losing to them earlier that particular season.
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        Originally posted by broncophan
        I don't really think that means a whole lot.................Wouldn't most of those wins be against the Raiders, as Shanahan has had alot of success against them?

        Huh? Who cares? Why would you want to take away the significance of winning a game just because Shanahan has a lot of success against a particular team.

        You might think it doesn't mean a whole lot now, grasshopper... But after we beat Indianapolis, it might finally dawn on you.


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          Originally posted by BroncoAle
          I'm pretty confident about this game... If they couldn't stop Quentin Griffin, how do they possibly expect to be able to stop Portis?

          Plus, Lelie and Jake just shredded this defense. These guys are pretenders, not contenders.
          How does 68 yds for Portis sound?
          Pretenders you say?
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