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    French approach

    Maybe CC is right ! we should just surrender
    It is my honor to serve him


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      Originally posted by JayhawkBronco
      I was in the North Stands upper deck watching that Atl/Minn game on the big screen before the AFC Champ game and the place went crazy when Minnesota lost. I think everyone knew the Superbowl was just won.
      Brings back fond memories for me.....I was living in Minneapolis (as a Bronco fan, having spent 7 years there between stints of living in Denver) and was at the game flying Bronco colors. I'd spent all week telling friends who were Viking fans that the Falcons would win by 3. Most of 'em were just as pissed at me for being right as they were for the original prediction......God, it was fun......

      Coming back to the original point on this thread, he does have a point, guys. I spend a lot of time on the Chiefs board (as broncomaniac, for you dual surfers) and just as on our boards there's a mixed bag of those blinded by their red and gold glasses and those who can be objective regarding their playoff chances.

      As a Bronco fan of more than 30 years I'm pretty sure that I want them to succeed as much as anyone else does. Are we a good team? Hell yeah. Are we the best team in the league? I honestly don't think so; I agree with gr8moose that's New England. Compared to them we can't even use our injuries as an excuse; they've had to use 42 - 42 - different starters this year due to injuries, yet they've managed to win 12 in a row in spite of that while posting 3 shutouts and some absolutely frightening numbers on defense. If we manage to get by the Colts this week (which I think we will), then as much as I want to see us beat the Patriots I can't see it happening. However, I'll be so glad if I'm wrong........never thought Jacksonville would beat us in 1996 either..........