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Is our defense better-or worse than last season?

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    this is why i love comming here raiders joe say really dumb stuff and we call him out for it and he wait about to weeks for him to come show his face again

    thanx to TMHG

    Atwater makes the hit
    Woodson makes the pick
    Lott takes it back

    All for respect this is how the game should be played


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      Originally posted by Raiderjoe
      Raiders went from giving up average of 4.3 yards per carry in 2003 to six best giving up 3.7 averge in 2004. Broncos gave up average of 3.8 yards per carry
      Of all your posts, this is the only one I can see that merits any kind of response (and this one barely does, but I'll do it, anyway).

      As you mentioned, the Raiderettes gave up 3.7 yards a carry (actually 3.75, to be exact) to the Broncos's 3.8. Almost identical for what you said was a bad Broncos Dline. Now, how do you explain, then, that total defense for the Raiderettes ranked #30 in a league of 32 teams (as opposed to the rank of #4 for the Broncos)? Why, that means that other teams must have come into that suburb of San Francisco (Oakland) and passed your girl scout troop dizzy! Seems they are going to have to do more than add a few rookies to a "defense" such as that if they are going to go to the Super Bowl as you say.