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    i think will see CP alot he'll get blow every now n then from mighty mouse....but i can also see on 3rd downs (or 1st n 2nd 4 that matter) both in there in split backs that'll force both of the LB's to guard them or a safety n a LB n shannon will have a big time mismatch w/ whoevers on him especially if its there MLB....either way we have the advantage in speed if this scenerio occurs....shanny will have a good plan.....go broncos!!!!!!!


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      Stay with wat works portis is the man.Maybe if he gets shutdown throw in griffin for maybe one or two little scampers.
      2 parts of the #1 defence in the NFL !!!


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        Originally posted by bcollin1
        Personally, it would be the funniest to see them line up in the Wishbone and just run over Indy at will.
        Throw Lelie in there somewhere, and you could have the D pretty well twisted in knots...but we'd need some protection somewhere, unless it was a designed rollout.

        Just a thought.
        All of this offensive knowlege, yet you insist on getting that nagging college degree ...
        Despite all the hype, once you finally get a hammer, you don't hammer nearly as much as you think you will.


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          Originally posted by bcollin1
          Yeah, I just want something on my resume when I go ask Bowlen for the OC job.

          I hate to say this, but I actually miss you.
          I could use more of your humor with all the other trolls around here lately.

          Is it because I changed my avatar?
          Cliffy will be back.
          Has nothing to do with the new avatar.

          Has everything to do with the attitude. It's hard to have even a mildly intelligent discourse in here (or Chiefs discussion boards for that matter) before it turns to crap (that's a highly technical term).

          I figure (and this is an oversimplification) that if fans of Denver and KC can't agree that both Portis and Holmes are good running backs and both good fits for the systems they play in, then there's not much room for intelligent discussion.

          Don't get me wrong ... I'll deliver the occassional low blow but only when provoked. But no more. I've decided to only participate in discussions when:
          a) I've got something intelligent to say
          b) I've got something humourous to say (in my opinion, of course)
          c) If I've got some good natured ribbing to give.
          d) Self-depricating remarks are in order.

          No more discussions of who's got the best RB, QB, O-Line, TE, Team, Organization, Coach unless it's conducted with some intelligence and not limited to the traditional "he sucks, they suck" argument(s).

          Facts and/or figures rarely change anyone's mind, as so much comes down to team loyalty. Kind of like Ray Lewis: Can't stand his mouth and dancing, but would kill (no pun intended) to have him in the middle of the Chiefs defense from a football standpoint.

          I know ... I don't have to be here if I don't like the attitudes. But it's no fun to be in the mutual admiration chat room; some dissent is needed and healthy to a certain extent.
          Despite all the hype, once you finally get a hammer, you don't hammer nearly as much as you think you will.


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            Wouldn't be such a problem either, if people posted the appropriate comments in their respective sections. Too many times recently the General Discussion board has doubled for the Smack section, causing more problems and unwarranted comments.

            A good intelligent/humorous poster is always appreciated here.
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