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Any QB u like...who?

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  • Any QB u like...who?

    Ok here goes coz i'm bored...lets say Plummer has an awsome season and he's most wanted on the market (lets forget that his skills fluctuate and that he could have a crap season next next time round)...Which QB in the league would you want in return, if you could have any and which would fit best into the broncos franchise!

    I'm going fpr Big Ben on this one coz he's young, a brilliant QB with great pocket awareness but he proved last season he could run the ball when he wanted too, like we see plummer take off time to time (thats right colt fans) but also because he is in a system at Pittsburgh where he knows why and how to share the running game with Bettis(at least last season) and Staley.

    Big Ben would be my man, not to hate on Jake coz he is one hell of an underated QB!

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    tough question...

    would haveta be mobile... young... and accurate...hmmm

    Carr, Culpepper, or Pennington.... I'd be happy with any of em...


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      Culpepper and McNabb best fit the Broncos system. I'd take Culpepper.


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        I'd take david Carr
        BRONCOS fan is in my blood!


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          Originally posted by kryomid
          would haveta be mobile... young... and accurate...hmmm

          Carr, Culpepper, or Pennington.... I'd be happy with any of em...
          Carr...Yeh i like.
          Culpepper, Yeh definately.
          Pennington...No no no! (sorry just personal opinion) He's weak in my opinion, knows the field and although his mobility is similar to Plummer and Big Ben, he never seems to get anywhere with it!


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            Ron Mexico... well, not really. (As a parenthesis, as time passes, I see more and more similarities between Vick and Cunningham (did I spell it right?): great athletes, very mobile, but lacking something.... well, sorry for the deviation).

            I like Plummer. He's not the best QB, you can count 10 better than him, he just fits to be the Broncos QB. And I've had this feeling since he was a Cardinal.


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              Alex Smith...Smart, mobile, young...think the 49er's will trade him?
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                I'd take Carr or Culpepper...™
                This space for rent


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                  I like Pennington a lot.
                  Bulger too because I was at WVU when he was a senior/heisman hopeful.

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                    if we had carr i beleive we would be set,,,,,,,,,,,,, but we may have a carr type guy here in mauck,,, he needs some play time
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                      Definitely culpepper, he doesn't piss me off like peyton does, and he doesn't have any STDs like certain other QBs. Plus he's got a wicked arm and is insanely mobile for a guy that size.

                      I like my defensive tackles like I like my women: well over 300 lbs.


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                        Defientely Culpepper he's got the size and the speed to fit into our system quite nicely...he could make lelie a pro bowler (i think he'll be one this year anyways though)


                        Broncos Kick Ass


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                          Ron Mexico. If a white boy like Plummer can pick up nice scrambling yards just image what Ron could do.


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                            I would be happy with Bradlee Van Pelt as our starting quarterback.


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                              I would like Mcbabb but hes getting pretty old so i would like Carr.