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    Originally posted by Rod80Smith
    He had a better pass rush than Champ and plus he had more passes thrown in his direction.
    When a QB looks your way, and you have the WR smothered, he is less likely to throw your way. And if the ball doesn't come your way, you don't intercept it. Makes sense.



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      Originally posted by Derock
      Stop making excuses for Champ. Don't blame the D-line for Champs problems. I'm sure the D-line could have also benefitted more from a CB who could provide longer coverage giving the D-line more time to get to the QB. I watched Champ play in Washington and what you saw last year is pretty much the same thing he showed us. He is a good corner but he is no where near as good as some are making him out to be. He gets challenged and burned about as much as any other corner which does not make him special.

      Ignorance has it's weakeness'....

      Here we have an unintelligent football fan, who thinks he knows more about the game then the actual players themselves, who play it for a living.

      Go back to tennis or whatever it is that you do.