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    ....Have to wait and see


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      Jerry "Eats" Rice

      Rice is no longer merely a conversation topic among some players; his name is now part of a practical joke.

      "There's a wide receiver ... I'm not going to tell you who it was, because we have some very good wide receivers on the team and they were trying to mess with one guy," fullback Kyle Johnson said. "So when he came into work, instead of his name being atop of his locker, it said, 'J. Rice.' Everybody thought that was the funniest thing."

      Particularly Johnson, one of the more jovial and colorful players on the Broncos. Few enjoy a good laugh more than him. Better yet, few enjoy providing a rousing chuckle more than the third-year fullback, who drew as much notice for his unusual touchdown celebrations following his scores in back-to-back November games last year as he did for filling in capably at fullback when Reuben Droughns shifted to tailback in Week 5 of last season.

      "The first thing I've got to do is go ask (Head) Coach (Mike) Shanahan if it's all right, because I know last year I was pushing it with my last one at the Saints game," Johnson said. "But seriously -- first and foremost, you concentrate on getting in the end zone, and you want to make sure there's no flags, that you're onsides, that you did your job. Whatever comes to me at that point is whatever comes to me. I get little inklings and stuff, but mostly I want to concentrate on getting into the end zone."

      Just having that as the focus demonstrates how far Johnson has come in the past 12 months. When the Broncos went through their offseason camps last year, Johnson was simply scratching for a roster spot, having just completed a year in which he was on and off the practice squad. In two seasons battering around the NFL, he had yet to see his first action in a regular-season game.

      Now, he carries 14 games' worth of experience -- including 12 at fullback -- into the offseason. So this offseason, the learning curve is far different than it was in 2003 and 2004 -- and mostly for the better.

      "The negative would be that you beat your body up; you played 16 games for 17 weeks. I even got a little banged up in the K.C. game and didn't finish the season as strongly as I would have liked," Johnson said. "But it's positive in the aspect of you know a little more, you know the speed of the game, you know what you didn't do as well that you might like to improve upon for the next year."

      Pass-catching is Johnson's desired realm of improvement. While he averaged an impressive 14.0 yards per reception and scored on two of his nine catches last fall, he knows he has some distance to traverse in order to match the ball skills of Droughns, his predecessor at fullback, who would often split out wide at the snap.

      "Reuben did have wonderful pass-catching skills," Johnson said. "I'm working on mine. I hope to be able to be a guy that they could put out there and catch the ball. Whatever the coaches require of me, I just want to be able to fulfill. If they do, I just want to be ready. That's my goal right now -- to be ready if they do call on me."

      Just don't tell Johnson that he's the starting fullback.

      "Let's not speak too soon," Johnson said. "I'm penciled in right now, which means that you can erase my name and write someone else's very easily. I'm not penned in."

      But whether he starts or not, he'll do so in his usual good spirits.
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        what are talking about esay?


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          I have the feeling that the receiver they're talking about is Watts. It seems that when he was asked about Rice, he broke in laughter, just like somebody would do after suffering this a joke of this kind.

          Anyway, whoever might be, I bet he didn't find the joke that funny .


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            He's talking about this.

            I don't know where he got "eats" from though.


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